If you are confused about what a post is? WordPress posts are generally referred to as blogposts that generally target a specific community of people, to strike a conversation in and around the topic presented in the blog. Now, you have a running WordPress website, but you also need to make sure that you keep users or viewers engaged, to build a connection with the mass audience. You will have to keep releasing continuous or interest-provoking posts that attract the viewer’s interest towards your page not once, not twice but regularly, to generate an organic userbase on the website.

How to publish a WordPress Post

Posting a new blog post on your WordPress website is simple if have clarity on the topic you want to discuss with your audience. You can do so from your WordPress admin panel or dashboard where you will find the option ‘posts’

When you select posts, you will observe a dropdown menu and choose ‘add new’ from the menu to open another tab where you can make required additions to your posts and then publish them through your WordPress Hosting

Best practices for your WordPress Post

Blogs are what make you intrigued by your website. Make sure to use the best practices always to not only maintain traffic, but also the quality of content on your website.

  • Grammar and sentence structure plays a huge role in user acquisition. Making certain that your viewer has proper flow in reading your post and usage of correct words and phrases is highly crucial as this could be the potential make it or break it moment for your website, to that user which depends on whether they understand what you are trying to convey. Few plugins for making sure your grammar never takes a left turn! try out Grammarly
  • Search engine optimization, heard that before? Well, believe it or not, SEO best practices multiply traffic to your website by multiple folds when implemented properly. For beginners, the internet provides various aid tools or plugins for keyword inputs in your blog which enables users to be directed to your website when they search for anything related to your blog topic.
    Yoast SEO


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