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Introduction: how are tags used?

‘Tags’ is a type of feature which allows you to group posts or pages together. Sounds familiar? Tags have a similar feature to categories, it allows creators to group their blogs and posts, in form, on their website. However, what could be that one particular reason which differs tags from categories?

How to add tags in WordPress

In order to add tags to your new post ( eg: blog)

  1. First, go to the WordPress dashboard of that website
  2. Find the Posts menu in the options present on the left side of the screen, and tap on it.
  3. This will open a drop-down menu, click on the four 4th option ‘tags’ to add a new tag to any of your posts on the website

Add Tags in WordPress

You can also add your choice of tags from that particular post in tags too while creating a new post

  1. Choose the first option in the dropdown menu ‘Add new’
  2. Enter the tags you want to input in your new post in the ‘tags’ section on the right.
  3. Then create your website

Tags in WordPress

Categories Vs Tags

Both the Categories and tags are a major part of what WordPress likes to call the method of chronologically organizing data and website content, known as ‘WordPress Taxonomies’. It is presented in the metadata of your website, present in the form that formulates the structure. For example, let’s take species and genus, that define every living animal. Similarly, the categories and tags allow users to navigate each and every different content on the website, individually.

On the shallow level, anybody can use the categories feature to group your daily posts according to different categories. Making a table of contempt with the available categories can allow users to surf through the content only they like. On the other hand, tags give you that independence of better, more specifically grouping each post, in a way describing the post itself

For instance, You can have a food blog website, categorized as per each cuisine (e.g. Chinese, Indian) you can further add tags to each post to group them according to their taste (e.g desserts, main course, sweet, hot)



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