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Mails form the backbone of communication in any enterprise. Traditional mail systems sometimes require a VPN to connect to a corporate system making it time-consuming and complex. The background app refreshment system in iOS tries to optimize different background applications providing updates and notifications at random times. Employees are not able to provide quick actions for priority mails. Workspace One Boxer integrates with corporate mail to provide a more efficient, faster way of managing mail. More can be achieved in less time.

What is Workspace One Boxer

Workspace One Boxer is a mail management system that provides greater efficiency and speed in handling daily mails. The inbox can be customized to suit the user’s specific needs. Swipe gestures can be customized to browse quickly through an inbox. Preloaded and user-created templates allow users to respond on the go. A single click is used to sign on to corporate conferences. Also, multiple emails can be replied to by selecting them. A modern card-like view makes it easier to flip through emails.

Benefits of using Workspace One Boxer

  • Gesture control: Configure gesture movements on the bottom right corner of the screen to swipe through the inbox for quick management.
  • Templates: Create, edit your templates, or use predesigned ones for quick replies. Favorite templates can be marked. To reply with a template, click the grid, select quick reply and use a suitable template. Save time and effort spent on repetitive emails.
  • Update Availability: Corporate systems usually offer a tedious method of updating availability. On the boxer, swipe through the calendar, choose the dates you wish to share, click the checkmark and send to colleagues.
  • Join conferences with a single touch: Traditionally, employees need to remember many passwords and access codes to enter meetings. With boxer, you can simply click to join corporate conferences.
  • Tackle multiple mails: Choose the mails you want to act upon, use a swipe gesture or grid on the bottom right to take action of your choice.
  • Email view: Go to “Conversation View” in settings and select a modern card like mail viewing system or conventional mail view system.
  • Admin efficiency: Admins can securely send bulk emails to all their employees while maintaining company security policy.
  • Enterprise level security: Different levels of authentications can be implemented with customized security policies catering to company security policy.


Components to use with Workspace One Boxer

Workspace One Boxer is integrated with Workspace One UEM system to provide more admin control over corporate mail management.

Email Notification Service

By default, on apple devices, push notifications are either enabled through background app refresh or apple push notifications (APS). By default, background app refresh is enabled, which also manages system performance and different app performances. This provides a delay in receiving notifications. Email Notification Service integrates with Apple Push Services (APS) to provide immediate and consistent notifications on the user device. APN’s provide a remote server for applications to send notifications to user devices but are not supported by Exchange. ENS adds support to these APS.

Email Notification Server 2 is a rewrite of new email notifications solutions in VMWare and is used to deploy real-time email notifications. Exchange or Office 365 back end is monitored by these services to provide real-time emails and updates. The notifications are sent to the user device through Google or Apple’s push notification services. The updates are shown as mail banners or app badges counters. ENS provides a more secure, consistent platform with cloud deployment.


Workspace One UEM Mobile Email Management Systems

Workspace One UEM deployment methods are configured through Secure Email Gateway (SEM) or PowerShell. Office 365 invitation mails cannot be viewed on boxer as Exchange Active Sync Protocol does not support boxer.


Requirements to deploy Workspace One boxer

The following considerations should be taken into account before deploying Workspace One boxer.


Devices should be enrolled and managed in Workspace One UEM, whether android or iOS devices using standalone enrollment. Workspace One Intelligent Hub, Airwatch container, or Workspace One Step-up can be used to enroll devices onto the UEM. Standalone enrollment means the user can first download the boxer app from the app store and then enroll later by entering their credentials. This is a feature unique to only Workspace One. Workspace One UEM auto discovery is also supported, allowing end-users to enroll devices using email addresses to environments or work organization groups. End user’s server URL and user group ID are also collected by auto discovery during standalone enrollment. Workspace One Boxer web enrollment is not supported by Workspace One UEM and is managed only as a publishing app. Workspace One Boxer does not support SAML authentication during standalone enrollment.



S/MIME certificates can be uploaded from the UEM console by the admin. End users can upload these certificates using Self Portal Service or send them as attachments by mail for installation on the device. To decrypt and view mails with expired S/MIME certificates, follow these points:

  • Go to Accounts
  • Go to user
  • Go to edit
  • Go to advanced
  • Go to certificates
  • Go to old encryption certificates
  • Upload the certificate
  • Navigate to settings in boxer
  • Go to account
  • Go to SMIME
  • Click Sign or/and settings
  • Click account
  • Click SMIME
  • Select encrypt certificate

A S/MIME certificate for a user can have multiple email addresses and identities, which can be scanned and signed through a directory of addresses for signing and encryption. VMWare cloud can be used for the transition of S/MIME certificates and passwords. Alternatively, certificates for boxers can be uploaded using Workspace One Web. Mails with older S/MIME and encryptions can be decrypted and read, parse from different sources store and ensure proper processing of those certificates.


Common Criteria Certification

In compliance with international security scrutiny and procedure, Workspace One has been given National Information Assurance Partnership and is a Common Criteria evaluated product. Under Common Criteria Recognition Arrangement (CCRP), Boxer is the first email service to be awarded Common Criteria Security Certificate.


Enterprise Content Support for Boxer

Boxer is integrated with VMware Workspace One Content application to send, access, view, or save content from company resources as email attachments. Configure supported repositories in UEM to save online repositories. The supported repositories are

  • One Drive for business
  • Share point
  • Share point in Office 365
  • Network File System
  • UEM console managed content
  • User added repositories


Features of Enterprise Content

  • Add content from company resources to emails as attachments
  • Save received attachments in company resources
  • Sorting saved files with different filters
  • Use boxer files to attach files as attachments
  • View repositories information under settings



  • No changes can be made in company repositories, and Workspace One Content should be used.
  • Only iOS devices support user-added repositories.
  • Local storage of Content applications is not supported.
  • The exchange sets an email size limit.





Workspace One Boxer Deployment

Workspace One Boxer is deployed with Workspace One UEM. Workspace One Boxer is added as a public application and deployed with specific email configurations to end-users.

Smart Group based assignments

Group-based assignments single or multiple smart groups with specific and similar email configurations can be deployed to end-users. Following steps must be performed:

  • Workspace One must be added as a public app
  • Assign Workspace one to smart groups

In PowerShell deployment, make access modifications to allow Boxer to access mails when deploying it as a public application.


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