Workspace One Content Locker App

Workspace One Content Locker App offers power collaboration capabilities to the enterprise and its employees and is a part of the Workspace One Mobile Device Management(MDM) suite.


Earlier company employees were required to access enterprise servers on-premise through secured corporate devices. In recent times, with the growth and development in cloud technology and increased capabilities in personal devices, users can remotely access company servers through unsecured personal devices on local networks. Also, Bring Your Own Device(BYOD) policy and remote working conditions enable users to access sensitive corporate devices on personal devices. This presents countless security challenges for enterprises as endpoint vulnerabilities that could lead to zero-day attacks, fileless malware, and compromise of sensitive corporate data. Through Unified Endpoint Management(UEM), Workspace One is an Enterprise Mobility Management Solution(MDM) offering Mobile Application Management(MAM) and Mobile Device Management(MDM) capabilities. Workspace One helps in creating a secure digital workplace for the employees who do not need to worry about security challenges and enhances their overall productivity.

Workspace One Secure Content Locker

Within the Workspace One suite of Mobile Device Management(MDM) products, Workspace One Secure Content Locker is a powerful content collaboration tool that allows connectivity and sharing among employees anytime and anywhere. With Content Locker, end-users can securely present their work and collaborate on a variety of document types in the workplace across desktops and various mobile computing devices such as smartphones, tablets, and notebooks. Enable access to work from home and offer a sync desktop client for the office with a secured self-service Web portal that is provided by the collaboration platform. All clients can seamlessly access data independent of whether the data is stored on-premises or in the cloud. The Secure Content Locker is compatible with a variety of operating systems and devices like Android, OS X, Symbian, iOS, Blackberry, Chromebook, and Windows devices.

The AES 256-bit encryption with content protection is one of the key features of the Content Locker. Watermarks, comments on files, big-screen presentations controlled from mobile devices, notifications, and secure email besides data access are among other features provided in 18 languages. In diverse industries including technology, transportation, publishing/media, retail, oil and gas, pharmaceutical, manufacturing, non-profit, insurance, legal, government, healthcare, hospitality, education, financial/banking, food services, automotive, aviation, consumer goods, and utilities are provided with content collaboration with Content Locker to simplify and boost productivity among businesses.

Features of Workspace One Content Locker

Anywhere, anytime, Workspace One Content provides simplified and secure access to enterprise content. By enabling real-time access, Workspace One Content locker is designed to address unique content requirements to content supporting true mobile workflows. While making sure of enterprise-grade security and compliance to company security policy, Sharing and collaboration can be done on content. A consistent experience across different types of devices across desktops, laptops, mobile phones, tablets, and different Operating Systems like Android, OS X, Symbian, iOS, Blackberry, Chromebook, and Windows devices. Regardless of the device, they are using, the same level of access and experience is provided to users.

Workspace One Content Locker features for Users

Efficiency and value are enhanced for end-users with the following features:

  • Productivity on the go with connectivity anywhere, anytime
  • Corporate mail can be accessed securely on personal devices.
  • Seamlessly connect to and share within internal share points.
  • Documents can be created, edited, or deleted, and the variations are reflected in real-time.
  • To search for a particular document or file, Global search features are used across all repositories, including Sharepoint, Box, Dropbox, OneDrive, and Google Drive.
  • Within a document, review, edit and highlight and mark important parts with inbuilt tools.
  • Tag colleagues or add comments in documents
  • Active sync shows all changes made in real-time.


Workspace One Content Locker features for admin

The IT team can evaluate insights within the admin console and have management capabilities:

  • Directly upload files that are sent to all end-users
  • The admin can configure security and sharing capabilities with security settings enabled, as well as document assignment and deployment methods.
  • Set an effective date and expiration date so that settings can be enabled or disabled for automatic download over WiFi.
  • Once published with AES 256 bit FIPS 140-2 encryption, the data is secured, protecting data in transit, in use, and at rest.
  • Through flexible user authentication and Data Loss Protection(DLP), additional layers of security can be applied, such as adding a dynamic watermark.
  • For providing users access to existing content repositories, enable Access control, as they are automatically pushed down user devices upon enrollment.
  • Integrations are possible with 30 types of file systems, including Sharepoint, Network File Share, One Drive, Google Drive, among others.
  • The admin can take advantage of complete audit trails for files and user activities with Workspace One reporting and analytics. To reflect user behavior or group action, reports may be generated which provide insights into end-user activities. To help admins better understand the way users interact with available documents, Real-time analytics show user and content status, content engagement, and user breakdown status.


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