Workspace One Intelligent Hub

Workspace One Intelligent Hub provides a central console for an administrator to onboard end-user devices and applications to end-users to access corporate resources. It is an integrated digital workspace solution to simplify user experience through a single app, boost productivity and creativity.


Traditionally employees were required to connect to a VPN to access corporate resources. Also, they needed to remember multiple ids and passwords for different applications. These methods are tedious and impact employee productivity. Workspace One Intelligent Hub simplifies this process by providing a single application to access the company application catalog, single sign-on (SSO) to access corporate resources, and no need to connect to VPN. The process of onboarding is also simplified for administrators providing a single console to register and control all devices through Mobile Device Management (MDM) capabilities.


What is Workspace One Intelligent Hub?

Workspace One Intelligence Hub provides end-users with an application to access corporate networks and applications on the enterprise catalog. End Users are first required to download and register themselves on the app. A single console is provided to the admin for onboarding and approving devices. Powerful collaboration and sharing capabilities help employees stay connected. Users can also access the corporate directory to call, message on company social, or mail their colleagues in a single touch. Groups can be created for exclusive projects, and order of hierarchy can be maintained. A common bulletin board that provides all company updates in order of priority is available as well. The single sign-on for the unified app catalog also enhances the user experience. Enterprise apps, SaaS based applications, and app store applications can all be accessed from a single platform with a single touch. The app deployment procedure is also hassle-free, and mass upgrading can be done from a single admin console. Workspace One Intelligence Hub is the only way to provide Mobile Device Management capabilities (MDM) in windows rugged devices.


Advantages of Workspace One Intelligent Hub

  • Consistent and user-friendly experience across all devices and OS.
  • Powerful collaboration tools like mail, company social, and calendar.
  • Connectivity anywhere anytime, access company directory to call, message, or mail a colleague. Create teams and share resources.
  • Single sign-on(SSO) for Unified app catalog and to access company intranet and resources
  • Streamlined onboarding from a central console, easy to use and deploy applications
  • Self-service with KB articles to most frequently asked questions on onboarding and troubleshooting. AVA, the company’s virtual assistant, provides guided help to registering and controlling new devices.
  • A “For you” section to update employees about recent developments and smart notifications for corporate communications and actionable items.
  • The only way to provide windows rugged devices MDM capabilities


Enrolling your PC into Workspace One Intelligent Hub

Workspace One Intelligent hub provides a single application to enroll and manage all enterprise devices. To use Intelligence Hub Workspace, One must be downloaded first.

Steps to download VMware Workspace One Intelligent Hub

  1. Ensure you are the administrator and not a user on the network.
  2. Open a browser and go to
  3. Click the download button and select windows 10 OS
  4. A downloading window opens. After the download has finished, open the folder containing the download
  5. Click the setup icon, and the installer window will pop up
  6. Select the UAC button in setup. Enter your admin login credentials. The credentials are received by mail after purchase of the software
  7. Select default at all steps of installation
  8. After installation is complete, click the Finish button. The software might take some time to launch.

Enrolling into Workspace One Intelligent Hub

  1. Enter mail ID
  2. Enter login credentials received in the mail after purchase once the software has launched
  3. The duo prompts two-factor authentication.
  4. Complete two-step authentication from duo to start the enrollment process
  5. Intelligent hub asks if the user will share anonymous data with the company to improve functionality.” I agree” is optional
  6. After this step, you have successfully enrolled with workspace computer management.
  7. Intelligence hub is now available in the list of programs and system trays.


Multi-factor authentication in the Intelligent Hub

Multi-Factor Authentication(MFA) in Intelligent hub is a user-friendly and streamlined MFA solution supported with modern intelligent hub and Workspace One’s Access Verify Intelligent hub authentication methods for Workspace One applications. Verify intelligent hub enables advanced security features with app-level security, with biometric or passcode depending on device capabilities to approve sign-on. A dropbox in the admin console displays all registered UEM devices. A countdown that can be configured is shown for the user device to approve the onboarding request. The Intelligent hub collects user device info and IP address for security reasons. A single sign-on is provided for endpoint users to access all company resources.

Some features of MFA are:

  • No personal details or pre-registration of users is required
  • A different application for MFA is not required
  • Any device enrolled or registered with Workspace One Intelligent hub of any management type can use Verify Intelligent Hub authentication services.
  • MFA can set virtual systems, web services, and applications.


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