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In today’s world, everyone wants to be move quickly and easily; it could be an entire organization or an individual itself! Because everyone wants to be productive and have a quick access to apps and data. Nobody has the time these days to think about security. It’s normal for a person to switch between four devices in a day. Even businesses rely on remote workforce these days. So using different devices for different activities can be very time consuming and frustrating. An integrated approach comes to be needed that will manage the flexibility, security, and compatibility between the mobile devices. The user needs secure access to email, web and documents, and the ability to self-select the rest of the apps from the App Store on any device. The solution to this is XenMobile.

What is XenMobile Citrix Cloud MDM Solution

Now mobile device management is the integration or the administration of mobile devices, such as smartphones, tablets, computers and laptops. Usually, a third party comes into the picture for the implementation of the MDM. This third party has those management features that are required for these mobile devices. One of these third parties is the XenMobile (Citrix Endpoint management). It is software that does provide MDM and mobile application (MAM). Citrix Systems develop it. Citrix System is an American multinational software company that provides servers, applications and virtualization, networking, software as a server and cloud computing technology. Using XenMobile (Citrix Endpoint management), we can run applications remotely with excellent security. They have products for Windows, Macintosh and Linux platforms. Of course, in times like these where work from home has taken a complete time of its technology, this can be of great use. However, having remote access to applications and servers can be very time saving and a boon to the businesses that rely on remote workforces.


What are the features of XenMobile Citrix Cloud MDM Solution

Out of the many features and benefits of the XenMobile Citrix Cloud MDM Solution is information Security. The primary purpose of the MDM is to provide security of data. Some of the other features are mentioned below:

1.      Single-click access

The user will receive single-click access to all of the mobile devices. It’s quick, efficient and user friendly to use.

2.      Transforms the workspace

There is a complete transformation for the workspace because of the experience it provides for everyone because you can run applications on a remote server very securely.

3.      Lock or wipe a device

It has this fantastic feature to sign in, lock, or wipe out your entire device if your device is lost or stolen. By doing so, your data and access to your applications will always remain secure.

4.      Easy deploy, configure and update mobile apps

It has features meant for productivity that lead to success. Configuration and updating mobile devices is very easy and convenient.

5.      Tracking, password enforcement, whitelisting and blacklisting certain apps

It highly enables the tracking of the devices if lost or needed and password enforcement to enhance the security and whitelist or blacklist certain apps as per the need.

6.      Flexibility

With all of the integration, management and high security it provides. It is very flexible to use and switch between applications and devices. They provide products for Windows, Macintosh and Linux platforms.

How XenMobile Citrix Cloud MDM Solution works

First, mobile devices can be anything from a smartphone to a tablet, computer and laptop. The NetScaler Unified Gateway does offer secure remote access to a virtual desktop and many other applications. Right from a single point on entry and also with a single sign-on (SSO). The Citrix NetScaler is an ADC system from Citrix that provides a level 4 load balancing and gives great performance for applications and services. It helps provide high security, flexibility and compatibility. This makes a great difference in the entire experience of a business or an individual because using traditional smartphones, laptops, tablets, and more plays a vital role in the way people work. This unified endpoint management allows IT to manage all endpoints—iOS, Android, Windows, Chrome, Mac and more—through a single console. While doing so, the data is kept highly secure and leaving the personal data untouched.

As we know that while providing access, a lot more is at risk, including security and privacy. This is where endpoint management solutions play a very important role.

Thus we can very easily, in a very user-friendly way, access data and applications and be very productive without wasting time while switching devices and worrying about the security and privacy of our data like we used to. Also, onboarding new or other devices can happen in a couple of minutes and is not time-consuming. In fact, the user can even self-enroll efficiently and quickly significant.

What XenMobile Citrix Cloud MDM Solution advantages

  • It is very easy to install and connects well with other applications.
  • App installation on the computer is not required. Mobile access is an excellent plus.
  • Security is extremely high when it comes to controlling.
  • Password and data synchronization makes the job easier.
  • It allows remote wipeout of a device if lost or stolen.


What XenMobile Citrix Cloud MDM Solution disadvantages

  • If you happen to lose the certificate due to upgrading via android or IOS, then the entire process of uninstalling and reinstallation has to be done.
  • For a user to onboard the user pin setup process, they prefer calling for service rather than following the 15 steps pdf.
  • Troubleshooting logs can be a bit hard. Sometimes it can be a hit or miss as there are no specific documented modules provided for it.
  • Sometimes the sign in times out.


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