Blockchain Long Term Vision

Preface – This post is part of the Blockchain Basics series.


Before you read Blockchain Long Term Vision, I would request you to go through the Blockchain Basics tutorial which is mainly created to give a glimpse of Blockchain Theories. We live in a world which is highly connected to each other in terms of social life or transactions. Every day, user’s data is increasing both on social media as well as online shopping platforms. Apart from this Enterprise Resource planning tools has also seen an exponential growth of data. With increase of data, the complexity increases. To keep these data secure and authentic several enterprises have moved to blockchain. But there are multiple blockchain players in the market. And the sole purpose of the blockchain to decentralize data can fail if two enterprises with their own blockchain will join hands.

Blockchain Long Term Vision

To keep these things in mind we can forecast Blockchain Long Term Vision as:

Simple to Use

If something our mother can use, then we can say it is simple to use. But that is not the case of blockchain. Even highly educated person feels the other way. Simplification of blockchain platform will ensure more consumer interaction.

Interconnected Blockchain Platforms (Blockchain Interoperability)

When we transact money from an ATM, we don’t bother about the bank to which the ATM belongs. That kind of interconnection of blockchain platforms will connect multiple enterprises and sectors together.

Blockchain API (Easier Integration)

The way payment gateways are integrated with any apps of android or IOS, the same way API integration of blockchain will make blockchain transaction quick, easy and efficient.


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