Data Class in ABAP

Data Class in ABAP

Data Class in ABAP is assigned to a table in its Technical Settings. SAP was smart while creating properties for tables. With the help of Data Class it divides the Tables according to their type of Data. It keeps all Master Data together, all Transaction Data together, all User Data together and all Organizational Data together.


A Data Class represents a physical area in Data Base where all the Data of the table assigned to this Data Class are stored.

data class in abap



APPL0Master DataData that doesn’t changes frequently.

e.g. Your Name, Your Employee ID, Your Student ID

APPL1Transaction DataData that changes frequently.

e.g. Number of Products on Amazon, Value of Bitcoin

APPL2Organizational DataCustomizing Data which is defined during System Installation and that doesn’t changes frequently.

e.g. Country Codes.

USR & USR1User DataData Class only for user Development.


*NOTE: Customizing Data is the data that describes the behavior of SAP environment for particular module.

e.g.  Country Codes, types of Reimbursement Expenses, working hours of Employees.

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