Everything you need to know about SAP Certification in 2023

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SAP is the market leader in Enterprise Resource Planning Application Software. More than 1 Million employees are working directly or indirectly in SAP Domain, making the SAP ecosystem competitive. One of the easiest ways to get visibility among thousands of applicants is getting SAP certified in your domain. In this article, we will explore SAP certification and everything relevant to it that you need to know.

What is SAP Certification?

By Certification, we mean an examination (that is conducted online in the form of MCQ, i.e., Multiple Choice Questions) conducted by SAP to certify that you are a competent person in a particular solution (ERP, BTP, SAP Business One, etc.) or a role (Developer, Basis or Functional).

There are more than 100 options for Certification available in SAP. The option to appear in an exam is available for a certain period all across the year. You can view the entire list of available courses on the official SAP website here.

Types of SAP certification

There are two levels and three types of Certification available in SAP, they are:

Level Type Description Type of Questions Exam Duration
Intermediate level Associate certification It covers fundamental knowledge of SAP Solutions.

It starts with C_

80 MCQ 3 hours
Specialist certification Apart from the offering of Association Certification, it focuses on a specific role. It starts with E_ 80 MCQ (Associate Certification one) + 40 (Specific to Domain/Role) 3 hours + 90 mins
Advanced level Professional certification It requires proven SAP project experience with enterprise process knowledge. It starts with P_
80 MCQ and Scenario based Questions 3 hours

Note: To keep your SAP Certification up to date, you need nothing relevant to Associate Certification. However, in the case of Specialist Certification, you need to pass the ‘stay-current assessments’ whenever available.

Number of Attempts (subscription options)

There are two options available as of now:

How to get SAP Certified?

You need to follow certain steps to get SAP Certified:

1. Identify if you really need SAP Certification, or just a technical knowledge upgrade. You can check all available courses offered by SAP here. Many of them are free too.

2. If you are ready for a certification, then identify the right type of certification for yourself. The types are already discussed here.

3. Find a course as per your need here.

4. If your organization is offering free Certifications, then you need to get your S-User registered with them.

5. Go to the certificate and add it in your basket.

Read more about the rules of 6 attempts.

Note: For one 6-attempt subscription, you can attempt any six exams, but only three for same type of exam.
6. Review your basket and the date of the Exam

7. If you are not logged in, then you will be required to log in via your S/P/C/I/D User ID.

8. Add relevant details during check out, as shown below:

9. Once bought, you will get options to choose a date and appear in the exam on a centre.

10. Once, you have cleared the exam, you can Verify your SAP Certification here.

How much SAP Certification Cost?

Cost of SAP Certification is different for different nations, and even variable for states within a country.

  • In India, it costs around 40k INR.
  • In Germany, and EU nations it costs around 400 EUR.
  • In UK and Ireland, it costs around 350 GBP.
  • In USA, it costs around 500 USD.

Note: To check the exact prices, you need to explore the courses here and check the cost individually.

Benefits of SAP Certification?

SAP Certification, as discussed in the introduction, comes with various benefits, such as:

  • Better knowledge of the available options in SAP Solution, leading to better utilization of the software
  • Competent Developer leads to better quality product and reduce redundancy and software breakage
  • Better visibility during hiring
  • Better chance to grab new clients and projects with the help of branding a team with SAP badges

SAP Education Partners

Individuals can prepare and appear in a certification by themselves, or enrol in a course offered by SAP Education Partners. The benefit with them is that they do have all the courses and mock test papers already in place. In addition, they have trainers who can help you to prepare a course and solve your issues during that period.

You can check all the Education Partners here. You need to contact them individually to understand their offerings.

How to prepare for SAP Certification?

Both SAP and their partners provide various options to help you in preparation for SAP certification. We have mentioned certain steps that you follow for SAP Certification:

1. Go for an external training via SAP Education Partners. This is the easiest way to prepare but comes with a certain cost.

2. Use SAP Certification Shop and explore various free offerings from SAP.

3. Go through the Syllabus for your domain certification. On the certification portal, you can find the details of that certification.

4. Check Sample Questions over SAP Education Portal.

5. Check out books, free and paid courses online [Reference Links Mentioned at the end of the article]

Where to find learning material for SAP Certification?

Following are the learning material and resources available online:

1. SAP Learning site

2. SAP Learning Class

3. SAP Blended Learning Academy

4. SAP Learning Hub

5. Udemy SAP Certification Courses

6. SAP Question Dumps like:

a. https://theexamquestions.com/

b. https://www.certspdf.com/sap-certification-dumps

c. https://www.prepaway.com/sap-certification-exams.html

d. https://dumpsarena.com/vendor/sap/

e. https://www.guru99.com/sap-training-hub.html

7. SAP Books available via SAP Press



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