How to Display Disclaimer Page for GDPR in SAP UI5?


Learn the straightforward approach to displaying a GDPR-compliant disclaimer page in SAP UI5. In this guide, we walk you through the steps to create a popup that appears as your application starts, ensuring users read and acknowledge the disclaimer before proceeding. This method, leveraging the sap.m.Dialog and sap.m.VBox controls, is crucial for applications needing to meet GDPR requirements. Follow along to integrate this solution into your SAP UI5 application.

How to Display Disclaimer Page for GDPR in SAP UI5

How to Display Disclaimer Page for GDPR in SAP UI5?

To achieve this in SAP UI5, you can use a Dialog control with a CheckBox inside. Here’s a step-by-step guide to create this functionality:

1. Add necessary libraries: Ensure you’ve added the following libraries to your SAP UI5 project’s index.html or as per your application structure:

<script src="resources/sap/m/library.js" id="sap-ui-bootstrap"></script>
<script src="resources/sap/ui/layout/library.js"></script>


2. Create the Disclaimer Dialog: You can add this in your Component.js or App.controller.js‘s onInit function or any initial function that loads as soon as the app starts.

], function(Controller, Dialog, Text, CheckBox, Button) {
    "use strict";

    return Controller.extend("your.controller.path", {
        onInit: function() {

        _showDisclaimer: function() {
    var oVBox = new sap.m.VBox({
        items: [
            new sap.m.Text({ 
                text: 'Your GDPR compliance related content here. By continuing to use this application, you accept the data terms and conditions.' 
            new sap.m.CheckBox({ 
                text: 'I have read and understood the disclaimer', 
                selected: false 

    var oDisclaimerDialog = new sap.m.Dialog({
        title: 'Disclaimer',
        content: [oVBox],
        beginButton: new sap.m.Button({
            text: 'Continue',
            enabled: false,  // Disabled initially
            press: function() {
                // Logic to save acceptance in the database would be here.
                // Display the success message
      "Your acceptance is saved in the database, you will not be asked again!");
        afterClose: function() {

    // Enabling the continue button only when the checkbox is selected
    oVBox.getItems()[1].attachSelect(function(oEvent) {
        var bSelected = oEvent.getParameter("selected");


The above code snippet places the Text and CheckBox inside a VBox. This VBox is then set as the content of the Dialog. This arrangement ensures a neat vertical alignment of the disclaimer content and the checkbox.

In the press event of the “Continue” button, right after closing the dialog, the sap.m.MessageToast is used to display a success message. Note that you will need to incorporate the logic to save this acceptance to the database where I have added the comment.


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