ABAP Report Events: List events

Preface – This post is part of the ABAP Beginner series.

In this article, we have discussed a type of ABAP Report Events i.e. List events. To learn all about ABAP Report Events click here.


In ABAP Report List means ABAP table. Using List events we can manipulate or perform actions on a list. Interactive report uses list events to interact with a table output.

Types of List events

Following are the types of List events:




It is used to write constants in the header of a page. The header remains fixed against scrolling.

If used without [DURING LINE-SELECTION], TOP-OF-PAGE is triggered as soon the list is created else it loads during particular line selection.

END-OF-PAGE It is used to write constants in the header of a page. It appears at the end of a page and is generally used to print page number.

It only works in case of LINE-COUNT is defined (will be explained via example).

AT LINE-SELECTION It is triggered whenever a line of a list is double clicked. The main purpose of this event is in Interactive report where on click of a line item creates details lists.
AT USER-COMMAND It is triggered whenever a custom button is clicked on UI.
AT PF It is triggered whenever a function key is pressed on a keyboard.
SET USER-COMMAND It can be used to auto trigger a button key by setting an fcode to the USER-COMMAND. These fcodes are predefined and you can find them here.



*** Note: We will update examples for all the events very soon.



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