Migration from SAPscript to Smart Forms

by | Jul 4, 2020 | ABAP Beginner

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SAP Smart Forms is a tool to create and maintain forms for mass printing and sending documents for important business processes. If an existing SAPscript form is available in the system, it can be migrated to SAP Smart Forms.  The SAPscript can be migrated individually or any number of SAPscript can be migrated in one go. In this article we will discuss the steps involved in the Migration from SAPscript to Smart Forms.

Migration of a SAPscript

Step 1: Enter SMARTFORMS in the common field. Enter the Smart Forms name in the form name.

Open Smart Forms Transaction

Open Smart Forms Transaction

Step 2: From menu bar, choose Utilities -> Migration ->Import SAPscript  Form.

Migration from SAPscript to Smart Forms

Step 3: A popup will appear. Enter the name of the SAPscript which has to be migrated. Also, provide language in the language field.

Import Smart Scripts

Import Smart Scripts

Note: If the SAPscript is not available in the selected language, a popup will appear with a list of all languages that are available on the form. Select one of the existing languages.

Select a Language

Select a Language

Step 4: Press Enter. It opens the SAP Form Builder screen in change mode.

Step 5: Now, change the layout and logic of the form. And Click on the Activate button to activate the Smart Forms.

Mass migration of the SAPscript

Step 1: Enter SE38 in the common field and execute the SF_MIGRATE report.

Step 2: Enter the names and language of the SAPscript form and Execute. The system creates the corresponding Smart Forms with the name of the SAPscript with an extension  _SF.

Step 3: To modify the Smart Forms, go to transaction SMARTFORMS and enter the name of the Smart Forms. Modify and click on the Activate button to activate it.



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