Open SQL Statements in SAP ABAP

When we talk about Open SQL in ABAP, then it means only Data Manipulation Language (DML) part of SQL. It means we can only manipulate the table created in ABAP Dictionary using open SQL and not create a new table using SQL. The SQL statements of ABAP Reports directly communicate with a database as shown below:

Open SQL in SAP
Open SQL in SAP – Image Illustration

Open SQL Keywords in ABAP

SAP ABAP provides many SQL keywords that can be used as DML. These are as follow:

SELECTIt is used to fetch/ read data from database table.
INSERTIt is used to insert data into a database table.
UPDATEChanges content of a row of database table based upon condition.
MODIFYSame as above, Changes content of a row of database table based upon condition. But if the data is not present as per condition, then it creates/ inserts a new data in the database table.
DELETEIt deletes a row or all data based upon condition.



To read lines of database tables using cursor. In these statements we don’t fetch data from table into something but assign it to the cursor.



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