What are the Operations we can perform upon ABAP Strings

Preface – This post is part of the ABAP Beginner series.


We can perform some basic operations on ABAP strings like concatenating them, splitting them, replacing them and searching some characters in a string. Let us see some of them:


It is a keyword that combines two or more strings into a single string.

SPLIT (A String)

It is a keyword that splits a string into smaller strings based upon a condition.


ABAP Strings

SEARCH (For A String)

This keyword searches for character/string in other strings. If found, it sets SY-SUBRC = 0; else sets it 4.

REPLACE (A String by Another String)

This keyword replaces a substring with another substring in the main string. If replaced, it sets SY-SUBRC = 0; else sets it 4.

For more operations on strings, go here.


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