Projection View in SAP ABAP

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Projection View in SAP ABAP

As the name suggests, Projection View in SAP ABAP Projects few fields of a table. Let us understand it with an example, suppose you have an Employee Details table that contains data regarding employee basic details, Employee Address details and Employee Salary Details. You want Address Verification team to just see the Employee Address details. In this case you will create a Projection View of that table.



A Projection View in SAP ABAP is a view that contains exactly one table. It projects only those fields that are assigned to the view.

*NOTE: The tables can be any transparent, cluster or pool. We don’t define any selection/Join condition for Projection Views.

For basics of Views Click Here.

Projection View in SAP ABAP

Creation of Projection Views:

Step 01: Open SE11, select Views radio button, and enter a name for your view e.g. ZBARRY_VIEWS and click CREATE. Choose Projection Views from radio buttons.

Step 02: Write an explanatory short text e.g. Views for Employee Details.

Step 03: Enter your Table name in Basis Table Field.

Step 04: Select View Fields tab, click Choose Table Fields, select the required fields from Dialog Box and click COPY.

Step 05: Save it, check for Errors and click Activate.

*NOTE: You can further specify Maintenance Status. There are more functions and additional optional of Projection View, we will update it soon.

Advantages of Projection View in SAP ABAP

  • Selection of Data from View is faster.
  • It helps to display only required & relevant data.
  • It limits full data access to unauthorized users.


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