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Welcome to the SAP ABAP RAP Quiz! ABAP RESTful Application Programming (RAP) is a modern and efficient approach to develop SAP applications. RAP enables developers to create services using Domain-Driven Design (DDD) principles and generate code automatically, making the development process faster and more streamlined.

This quiz will test your knowledge of SAP ABAP RAP and assess your understanding of its concepts, features, and best practices. The quiz consists of multiple-choice questions that cover various topics, such as ABAP CDS Views, RAP annotations, Service Definition, and Query Options.

By taking this quiz, you can evaluate your knowledge of SAP ABAP RAP, identify areas where you may need to improve, and gain a better understanding of this technology. Good luck!



Test your knowledge of SAP's programming language ABAP RAP with our comprehensive SAP ABAP RAP Quiz.

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What is an RAP Annotation?

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What is the difference between a Core Data Services (CDS) view and an RAP Business Object?

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What is the purpose of the RAP Query API?

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What is the RAP Service?

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What is the RAP Business Object?

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What is the main goal of RAP?

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What does RAP stand for in ABAP development?

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