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Preface – This post is part of the SAP Ariba series.


SAP Ariba, allows you to access and configure new account and also you can set email notifications, electronic orders and invoice routing and other account related configurations for new suppliers. In this article we will explore SAP Ariba – Account Configuration in detail.

Following steps can be followed to start with the SAP Ariba Account – Configuration

  1. Visit Ariba site here
  2. Provide valid credentials (Username and Password) to login

Create new account and update Company Profile

For account access and configuration, navigate to “Company Settings” tab:

  • In order to update information related to Company profile, you will have to navigate to “Company Profile” tab
  • Under this tab following information’s can be updated:
  • Basic company profile
  • Business Details
  • Marketing
  • Company Contacts Details
  • Certification Details
  • Additional Documents

Create Notifications

SAP Ariba, allows you to choose the source email address for which you want to receive notifications as well as you can choose destination email address where you want notifications to be followed up.

  • To set notifications, navigate to “Notifications” tab
  • Here, for each notification you can add three email addresses separated by commas (,).

Manage Electronic Order Routing

To manage electronic order, navigate to “Network Setting” option and then under this navigate to “Electronic Order Routing”.

  • Below methods can be selected for the business transactions with customers:
  • Email
  • Fax
  • Online
  • cXML
  • EDI


  1. Email order routing

You can send the document as an attachment in email, which will further send the whole PO document in email.

  1. Online Routing

You can send the PO directly to Ariba inbox without sending any copies to anywhere.

  1. EDI Routing

ERP system should be configured with Ariba for sending PO via EDI.

Manage Electronic Invoice Routing

To manage electronic invoice, navigate to “Network Setting” option and then under this navigate to “Electronic Invoice Routing”.

  • Below methods can be selected for routing method:
  • Online
  • cXML
  • EDI
    • You can add tax related documents like (Tax ID, VAT ID and other related documents) through “Tax Invoicing” option.
    • And also “Invoice Archival” option can be used to set the frequency of zipped invoice archives.



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