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SAP and SAP technology provides enormous opportunity in IT industry. With increasing operations and market, the need of SAP functional consultants has observed sharp increase in job opportunities. The main job profile for SAP functional consultants is primarily based on SAP Conversational AI (formerly In this article we will discuss the basic questions asked by interviewers from both technical as well as functional consultants of different years of experiences.

Basic SAP Conversational AI Interview Questions

  1. What is SAP Conversational AI?
  2. What are steps involved in creation of bots using SAP Conversational AI?
  3. How to Design a Perfect Use Case for Your Chatbot?
  4. What do you understand by Artificial Intelligence?
  5. Differentiate between Machine Learning, Deep Learning and Artificial Intelligence.
  6. What are the programming languages involved in Artificial Intelligence?
  7. Explain Markov’s Decision process.
  8. Explain the concept of reward maximization.
  9. Explain parametric and non-parametric model.
  10. Explain the concept of Hidden Markov model.
  11. Explain Turing test in AI.
  12. What is NLP?
  13. Explain game theory. Explain its importance in AI.
  14. Explain in brief about of partial, alternate, artificial, and compound keys?
  15. What is a Chatbot?

Advance SAP Conversational AI Interview Questions

  1. How to migrate to new SAP domain name:
  2. What are the steps involved in migration from Recast to SAP Conversational AI?
  3. How to integrate Slack with SAP Conversational AI?
  4. How to perform SAP Conversational AI and SAP Jam Collaboration?
  5. How to integrate Skype, Microsoft Teams with SAP Conversational AI?
  6. How to integrate Alexa with SAP Conversational AI?
  7. How to Connect a Weather Chatbot to the OpenWeather API with SAP Conversational AI?
  8. How to Build a Strong Dataset for Your Chatbot with Training Analytics?
  9. How to Build an HR Chatbot to Get Employee Information from SAP SuccessFactors and Integrate it with SAP Cloud Platform?
  10. How to Build Chatbots with SAP Conversational AI?
  11. How to Build a Chatbot for SAP Analytics Cloud with SAP Conversational AI?
  12. Explain knowledge representation in AI.
  13. Explain reinforcement learning.


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