SAP CRM vs SalesForce

SAP CRM Introduction

SAP CRM is one of the leading CRM tool used by many companies to manage their customers and business processes. SAP CRM is one among different the SAP solutions in its SAP Business suite. While the entire platform is powered by SAP NetWeaver. SAP CRM is embedded with different types of sub modules like SAP CRM Sales, Services, Marketing, Analytics, Web channel, etc. Due to its advanced analytical features, it also contributes effectively in company’s decision making.

SalesForce Introduction

SalesForce is the top CRM services provider. It is a complete Cloud based CRM and so it is very flexible to use. It offers SaaS, PaaS and IaaS services to its customers. It has very intriguing point and click tools for build business solutions. It has different clouds like Sales, Services, Marketing, Campaigning, etc. They provide a promising three updates a year and keep their solution updated in this competing world.

Difference between SAP CRM and SalesForce


Platform It is only Web-based application.


It is Web-based and Mobile based.
Usage Not much flexible to use. Very flexible to use.


Time Comparatively slow to Salesforce CRM. It is faster as it uses Metadata for the platform.
Training It has regular training technics like every other technology has. It has Trailhead platform which a Trialmixes, Modules for each and every topic to learn salesforce in a very interesting way.
Security It has Authentication. It is rich in security as it provides Organization level, Object level, Field level, and Record level security along with Profiles, Permission sets and much more.
Community It has a small community. It has a very large community platform where the members help each other and get rewards for that.


Founded It was founded in 1972. It was founded in 1999.
Companies Centrica, Grundfos are the companies

Who uses the SAP CRM.

Adidas, Paytm, Bajaj are the companies who used the Salesforce CRM.



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