SAP CRM (Customer Relationship Management)

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SAP CRM (Customer Relationship Management)

SAP CRM is nothing but the way businesses interact with their customers. Traditionally, this is done by automating and integrating your customer related activities such as sales and marketing, and customer service. But in today’s time, the CRM activities go beyond that and provide functionalities like personalization, e-commerce, social media, collaboration and more. New CRM softwares store all customer information from their contacts to social media activities. This information can be used to dramatically improve the business. CRM benefits are huge from increasing sales revenue, customer loyalty to lower costs and better customer related activities.

The SAP CRM application is a software which targets small and large sized businesses in all the sectors.

SAP CRM Architecture:

The following are the key components in the SAP CRM architecture:

  • SAP ERM Server (CRM Enterprise, CRM Middleware and Adapter)
  • SAP ECC – used for backend
  • SAP BI – is used for reporting
  • SAP SCM – used to better the capabilities of CRM
  • Mobile and handheld devices
  • Internet
  • Enterprise portal


The Adapter is mainly used for handheld devices and the internet. The CRM Enterprise is used for telephone and email services.

The SAP ECC and CRM are closely related to each other and need to synchronise in some areas like sales, customer master records, organisational model, etc.

Some of the important Transaction codes of the CRM module are:

CRMD_ORDER -> Transaction processing

R3As -> Start initial load

CRM_DNO_MONITOR -> Transaction monitor

SMOEAC -> Administration console

PPOMA_CRM -> Change organizational model

R3AM1 -> Monitor Objects

Some of the important tables of the CRM module are:

BUT000 -> General Data

BUT020 -> Addresses

BUT050 -> BP relationships/role definitions: General data

BNKA -> Bank master data

ADR2 -> Telephone numbers


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