SAP MM Tcodes

Preface – This post is part of the SAP MM series.

Important T-codes in MM

In this section we will discuss all the SAP MM Tcodes. These transactional codes are sub divided into groups for your better understanding. Feel free to ask the Tcodes which we have missed in the comment section.

Material Master Tcodes

Create material master : MM01

Change material master : MM02

Display material master : MM03

Material master list : MM60

Display Material document : MB03

Vendor Master Tcodes

Create vendor master : XK01

Change vendor master : XK02

Display vendor master : XK03

Source list Tcodes

Maintain source list : ME01

Display source list : ME03

Change source list : ME04

Purchase Requisition Tcodes

Create Purchase Requisition : ME51N

Change Purchase Requisition : ME52N

Display Purchase Requisition : ME53N

Release Purchase Requisition : ME54

Collective release of Purchase Requisition : ME55

Assign source of supply to requisitions : ME56

Request for Quotation Tcodes

Create Request for quotation :  ME41

Change Request for quotation : ME42

Display Request for quotation : ME43

Purchase Order Tcodes

Create Purchase Order : ME21N

Change Purchase Order : ME22N

Display Purchase Order : ME23N

Release Purchase Order : ME29N

Reservation Tcodes

Create Reservation : MB21

Change Reservation : MB22

Display Reservation : MB23

Reservation by Material : MB24

Reservation by Account Assignment : MB25

Goods Receipt Tcodes

Create Goods Receipt : MIGO

Cancellation/display Goods Receipt : MIGO

Physical Inventory Document Tcodes

Create Physical Inventory Document : MI01

Change Physical Inventory Document : MI02

Display Physical Inventory Document : MI03

Enter Inventory Count : MI04

Change Inventory Count : MI05

Display Inventory Count : MI06

Post Inventory Difference : MI07

List of Inventory Difference : MI20

Invoice Verification Tcodes

Display Of Invoice Document : MIR5

List Of GR/IR Balance : MB5S

MM configuration Tcodes

Create Company : OX15

Create Company Code : OX02

Create Plant : OX10

Create Storage Location : OX09

Create Purchasing Organization : OX08

Create Purchasing Group : OME4

Assign Plant to Company Code : OX18

Assign Purchasing Organization to Company Code : OX01

Assign Purchasing Organization to Plant : OX17

Assign output device to Purchasing Group : OMGF

Assign tax indicator to Plant : OMKN


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