SAP Program: How to code in SAP ABAP Language

Preface – This post is part of the ABAP Beginner series.

SAP Program: Hello World in ABAP

I believe a programmer is born with the Hello World program. So, we will start with this SAP program only.

Follow the following steps to make your first program (Happy Coding)

  1. Open Transaction SE38
  2. Write your program name starting with Z or Y (Reason is in our ABAP syntax post)


  1. Click on Create
  2. Write Title

Example: This is My First Program

  1. In Attributes, select Executable Program in Type and click Save
  2. Press Local Object to save it in a temporary folder (Reason will be discussed in upcoming posts)
  3. Now, this is the screen in the SAP program where you can write your codes(Excited?)
  4. Just write the code below:
  1. Now, click Save, Check and Activate one by one, as shown below.
  2. Now run the SAP program by clicking on Run or pressing F8.

That’s it. You have successfully written your first ABAP program.


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