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SAP Smart Styles are used to define paragraph and character formats. It can be assigned to texts and fields in the Smart Forms. A Smart Style has to be assigned to each Smart Forms. This is done globally for the entire Smart Forms in the Form Attributes of the Navigation window. It can be applied locally to a node that applies it to the entire subtree, overruling the global settings. A Smart Style can be reused. It can be downloaded locally and uploaded again later.

SAP Smart Style Feature

A Smart Style contains the following features:

  • Header data: It contains the default values of the font for the Smart Style. If different values are not assigned to the paragraph and character formats, the system uses these default values.
  • Paragraph format: It contains information on indents, spacing, font settings, text colors, tabs, numbering, and outline. It must have a unique name for each paragraph format.
  • Character format: It is used to assign special output effects such as superscript and subscript, barcode, and font attribute to sections of texts or character strings within a paragraph. Each character format must have a unique name.
  • Colors and underlines can be added to paragraph and character format.
  • Preview option.

SAP Smart Style Feature

Each Smart Styles has 3 predetermined nodes in the navigation window, namely, Header data, Paragraph formats, and Character formats.  The Header node contains the standard settings of the font for the Smart Style. It can be seen in the maintenance window. At the bottom, one can see the preview of the selected font.

Steps to create Smart Style

  1. SMARTSTYLES is the transaction code for Smart Style. Enter SMARTSTYLES in the common field.

Steps to create Smart Style

Note:  SMARTFORMS t-code can also be used to create Smart Styles.

  1. Enter the Style name.
  2. Click on
  3. To activate, click on Activate

Note: To use and transport a Smart Style, it has to be activated first. During activation, if the system finds any error, it displays an error list.


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