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SAP Success Factor is an American multinational company headquartered in South San Francisco and California. It provides cloud-based software for human capital management using the SaaS model, i.e. Software as a service. It is a cloud-based HR system that covers all HR processes. It includes various modules like employee central, RCM, Compensation, PMGM, LMS, etc. This article will provide you with all types of interview questions asked by SAP Success Factor in their interview rounds.

Basic SAP SuccessFactors Interview Questions

  1. What do you know about SAP Success Factors?
  2. What are the benefits of SAP Success Factors?
  3. Define the role of SAP Success Factors in increased productivity and better design?
  4. What do you understand by DTD?
  5. What is a succession data model?
  6. Define Corporate Data Model?
  7. How does an employee central integrate with other Success Factors products?
  8. What are a propagation data model and its uses?
  9. Give the count of the data models in the Employee central?
  10. Define Workflow rules in context with data models?
  11. Define Event Derivation rules in context with data models?
  12. Is it possible to change the role of the Success Factors chosen once?
  13. How many levels are present in a framework?
  14. What is the purpose of having three levels in a framework?
  15. Is it necessary to choose the same level for all the Success Factors identified?
  16. Do you think the tool of Success factors is important?
  17. What does a Succession Data Model contain?
  18. Name the field that are defined in Country- Specific Corporate Data model?
  19. List the key features of SAP Success Factors?
  20. What are the various cost benefits of using SAP Success Factors?
  21. Give the count of different modules present in SAP Success Factors?
  22. What is the procedure for integrating Employee central with other items externally?
  23. What is the procedure for internally integrating Employee central with other Success Factors items?
  24. What do you understand about Employee central payroll system?
  25. Explain the structure of SAP Success Factors architecture briefly?
  26. Is it true that the configuration of the Succession Data Model differs on a country basis?
  27. What is the main role of the HRIS Propagation Data Model?
  28. What do you know about the time-off feature of Employee Central?
  29. List the activities under Transfer and Changes?
  30. Does any kind of relationship exist between job grades and levels of framework?
  31. Is it possible to apply Success Factors to academic members?
  32. Explain SAP Success Factors Availability and Performance Management Tools?
  33. What do you know about SAP Success Factors Portlet?
  34. What is the role of the compensation management package of SAP Success factors?
  35. Explain the SAP Success Factors Onboarding module?
  36. Mention some features of the SAP Success Factors Onboarding module?
  37. Highlight the uses of SAP Success factors Goals and management system?
  38. Briefly explain the Development and Succession of SAP Success Factors?
  39. Name the various activities included in Development and Succession of SAP Success Factors?
  40. Mention some differences between the On-Premise Payroll System and Employee Central Payroll?

Technical SAP SuccessFactors Interview Questions

  1. What is the syntax of marking a field to be required?
  2. Name the attribute to be used to mask a sensitive field?
  3. Name the platforms that act as a middleware while implementing the integration between cloud and On-premise environment?
  4. What is HANA cloud integration?
  5. What is SAP process integration?
  6. Name the various deployments possible with SAP Success Factors?
  7. How will you make the data field available for editing for the user?
  8. How would you hide sensitive data in the data field?
  9. Is it necessary to select the same level for all identified Success Factors?
  10. Name the types of reports you get from SAP Success Factors admin tools?
  11. Name two versions of Career Development Planning?

HR Interview Questions

  1. What do u think of achieving most of the Success Factors with promotion and salary hike? Will it be beneficial?
  2. Name the basic HR transactions that happen under Employee Central?
  3. What is Manager’s self-service?
  4. What is Employee self-service?
  5. What are the steps for preparing Organization Chart?
  6. Is it possible to terminate the people by using the Success Factors?
  7. Illustrate the case of disagreement between the employee and the manager regarding the Success factor?
  8. How will you find the correct use case of SuccessFactors for yourself?
  9. Is it helpful to include SuccessFactors in an individual archive to get a promotion?
  10. How will you get updated regarding the review meeting after the change in Success Factors in the next PDR?
  11. What kind of support would I get while using SAP SuccessFactors?
  12. Define the recruiting module of SAP SuccessFactors?
  13. Have you been involved in workshops? What was the outcome?
  14. Do you go to SAP events? What are the benefits of such events?
  15. Do you know about SuccessFactors integration methods?
  16. If you are required to give one piece of advice to a customer, who will implement Employee Central, what would it be?
  17. A customer is facing an issue while recording a video or uploading content to SuccessFactors LMS. Give the possible solutions?
  18. Provide us with some ideas for migrating from SAP ERP HCM to Employee central?

Advanced level Interview Questions

  1. Is there any relation exists between Full cloud HCM (Human capital management) and Talent Hybrid?
  2. On what basis variable and bonus payment calculations are done in SAP SuccessFactors?
  3. Name the various key activities included in the foundation module of SAP SuccessFactors?
  4. Explain rating scales in context with recruiting module?
  5. Highlight the various weak spots of Employee central?
  6. Where a customer should create new positions?
  7. What does FS mean?

Project Related Interview Questions

  1. What is the SuccessFactors Active methodology?
  2. Tell us about the different phases of project implementation?
  3. Tell us something about your real-time experience working in this field?
  4. What was your role in SuccessFactors project implementations, and what challenges you faced?
  5. How is SF active methodology different from ASAP methodology?


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