SAP System Variables

SAP System Variables

ABAP has given some predefined types of variables that are used to query system statuses; these variables are called SAP System Variables. Also, to check whether a given command worked properly or not, we use these variables. These are filled during runtime. They can store numeric, char, integer, date or time values. There is a field SY-SUBRC which is always zero ‘0’ in case of correct program run.

There is a table/structure in ABAP Dictionary (SE11) where you can find all the list of these variables with description.  They can be accessed using Keyword “SYST-” or “SY-”.

Following are some of the SAP System Variables:

SY-SUBRCiReturns value 0 in case of no error of above statement
SY-DATUMdSystem Date
SY-UZEITtSystem Time
SY-INDEXiLoop Index : Contains previous loop passes with the current one
SY-TABIXiRow number in the table index of Internal Table
SY-UCOMMc70Function Code that has raised the event PAI

Programming Guidelines to use System Variables:

  1. It is recommended not to define a local variable starting with “SYST-” or “SY-” ( although not forbidden).
  2. Do not use obsolete system Fields. Here is a list of Obsolete ABAP System Fields.
  3. Use System Fields at right position. It means using a SY-SUBRC check after a mathematical expression will never change its value.

Following are some of the Implementation of System Variables:


The output for above codes is:


To view the complete list of ABAP System Variables, visit here.

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