Search Help in SAP ABAP

Search Help in SAP ABAP

Before we learn Search Help in SAP ABAP, let us see a daily life example first.

In Windows PC, when you click Search Help in SAP ABAP windows_logo_image, a set of fixed options appear in front of you.

This is something that is created to help you and you can search for the apps that you want to open. These apps are limited and are predefined and you can select only the one that is visible to you. In this way windows restrict you to select only valid apps. SAP provides similar scenario of data/record selection from a predefined fixed value. These values are created using Search Help in SE11.


Search Help in SAP ABAP are reusable objects that are used to assign input helps (F4 helps) to screen fields.

This becomes mandatory when input is a formal key (In case data depends upon data of another table e.g. Registration of Employees in an event on basis of his employee ID).

How a Search Help Works?

We will update it soon.

Types of Search Help in SAP ABAP

These are the following two types of Search Helps:

Type Description
Elementary search helps It reads records from table, structure or view on the basis of a condition and returns those records which are displayed by a dialog box.
Collective search helps It combines multiple Elementary search helps to provide records.


Advantages of Search Helps

  • Search Help is a reusable component
  • It helps to avoid wrong input to the dependent table. It means a table whose records are dependent upon data of another table; any record added in that table which is not present in dependent table will not be legit.


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