Steps to Create SAP Business Application Studio (BAS) Account


SAP BAS or SAP Business Application Studio is a new SAP IDE built on the layout similar to Microsoft VS Code, is a next version development environment of SAP Cloud and SAP UI applications. In this article we will show how to create a SAP BAS trial account. This article can be even used to access your actual BAS (non-trial), jump to step 11 for that.

Steps to create SAP BAS Account

  1. Visit and click on Account Button as shown below:
  2. Enter your details in the form shown below:
  3. You will get a mail after filling the form:
  4. On click of activate account, enter your password and click submit:
  5. You will be redirected to a link or visit it: Here, you will be required to approve your phone number:
  6. Accept the legal disclaimer as shown below:
  7. Now you will be logged into SAP BTP, here you need to choose a region near to you, it will create a global account and subaccount for you, click continue once done:
  8. Now go to your trial account, by clicking the below button:
  9. Click on your subaccount:
  10. Inside subaccount, click Service Marketplace, there search “SAP B”, and then click the three dots next to “SAP Business Application Studio” and thereafter click on “Go to Application”
  11. Press “OK” and proceed:
  12. You will land on homepage of “Business Application Studio” as shown below:
  13. Save or bookmark the link of the BAS for future use. Now, you can start here by clicking a new Dev Space.



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