What is SAP Business Technology Platform Pricing Model?

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SAP BTP provides all the necessary products and services related to business requirements. The platform helps in the growth of business and enhances business flexibility. Different paying models are provided by SAP BTP, which can be optimized easily with some tricks to follow. It also provides a pricing calculator that helps estimate the service cost or total package with additional features. Here we will get complete information about paying models of SAP BTP.

Paying Models

1. Pay-as-you-go model

The model provides flexibility with services and their billing, enabling you to pay for consumed services. In the initial change of business, it is always taken care of the budgets where all the other models make it too heavy for the services to be chosen well in budget. But with pay-as-you-go model help you to choose the services and pay according to the services used, and the time will be calculated in the bill. But there is also one disadvantage: if the services are turned on and not used simultaneously, they will still be charged as it will assume that the services are consumed at that time. So to save this leakage of the budget, it is to turn off the services when it is not in use.

2. Consumption-based model

This model comes under a cloud platform enterprise agreement in which a contract is signed at the initial phase with the cost and credits, and customers space the price for the chosen services in the initial stage or in advance. After the payment process, there is no need to pay for the services used in the later phase. This model arises within integration suit, which is only applicable for agreement procedure. After the agreement, no other agreement is signed, and the customer is free to use a service as per his choice.

3. Subscription-based model

This is the easy-to-use model in which the customer has to subscribe for the package or services he uses for his business or organization. The subscription to the package means you will get the services for a fixed time, and the consumption will be set for which the customer will pay. There is also an option for choosing the package in which the customer is free to choose the package concerning the perfect services per need and then subscribe to them. Also, the same services can be expanded as per the use. If any solution changes within the coming months, it will require a modification contract in the suite of services. After that, it is ready to use as per the modifications made by the customer.

SAP BTP pricing calculator

In the SAP flat form, this feature is available as a capacity unit estimator where a customer is free to calculate the estimated cost for any service or product chosen. The customer has to select the service plan capacity units and the region in which the service has to be deployed. The customer will get the price details divided by a monthly unit price and the total amount. The customer can also choose the package of services where they can calculate the data size, custom configuration, and t-shirt size services and get the total cost.

How to do cost optimization in SAP BTP?

1. The process of analyzing is the best part of cost optimization, where the person can analyze the services and the procedures which are taking a lot of memory and consuming money even when they are not in use. So the same services can be turned off or removed from the package to save the extra leakage of funds.

2. Cutting down the uses of services when not in use is the best practice under the pay-as-you-go model. Reducing the time and utilization hence reducing cost.

3. The business platform provides the auto scanner in which you can limit the instances and can schedule under any trouble of data load. This feature will help you to save a lot of money by limiting the instances.

SAP BTP support plans

Free service plan

The free service plan provides various services for free. The customer can choose the services as per needs, but the maximum time provided is one year of free trial in which the customer can discover the services and experience the usage of each service to find if the services will help their business to grow. After this, the customer can switch to a consumption-based or pay-as-you-go model to expand the usage of services.

Community support

The community support plan is a feature of this platform in which the customer can tag their questions and then provide the proper and appropriate transfer of the question. Suppose any customers are facing an issue in choosing the plans or services. In that case, a question can be raised in the communities, after which clients get a guide to explore their interests and find the appropriate service plan.


Various features, plans, and services are provided to make the business perfect and reach heights soon. The clients must make wise decisions in choosing them so that required outcomes can be made.


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