Azure DevOps Interview Questions

Preface – This post is part of the SAP on Azure series.


With cloud and GitHub, every IT company is now capable to deliver high quality product in small duration. But as the development and product gets complex, it gets important to manage the Build and Release of the product via a software tool. Among available tools, Azure DevOps is the best tool for CI/CD. As the demand for this tool is increasing, so is the requirement for new resources. In this article we will discuss the most common interview questions asked regarding Azure DevOps including the SAP deployment over it.

Azure DevOps Basic Interview Questions

  1. What is DevOps?
  2. What is the need of DevOps?
  3. Explain the process flow of DevOps.
  4. Name the popular DevOps tools for Continuous Deployment and Continuous Integration.
  5. What are Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment features? How they can be implemented?
  6. What are Continuous Testing and Continuous Monitoring features? How they can be implemented?

Azure DevOps Basic Interview Questions

  1. What is the difference between Azure DevOps Services and Azure DevOps Server? Which one should we choose?
  2. What is Azure Repository? How a branch is created?
  3. What is the concept of Branches in Azure DevOps?
  4. How to add security in branches of Azure DevOps?
  5. How to create a pipeline in Azure DevOps?
  6. How to debug errors in Azure DevOps build and release?
  7. Explain the concept of cherry pick.

Azure DevOps Scenario based Interview Questions

  1. If you need to deploy a particular commit from Development directly into Production, how will you do that?
  2. You are asked to cherry pick a particular commit, while doing that it failed on Azure DevOps. What will you do if Cherry pick fails on Azure DevOps?
  3. If a small change is causing issue in cherry pick, what alternative you can use apart from manual cherry pick?
  4. If a lot of bugs are there in Quality system and a lot of new development is going on Development system, then how will you proceed with deployment of both bug fixes and new feature deployments?
  5. If a stable build needs to be kept aside for Demo/POC version, how can it be done?

SAP on Azure DevOps Interview Questions

  1. Explain the process flow of DevOps in terms of SAP.
  2. Explain the SAP Cloud Environment.
  3. How SAP in configured on Azure DevOps?
  4. How a SAP failed deployment is debugged in Azure DevOps?
  5. How to deploy builds to SAP Cloud Platform manually via command line.
  6. Explain the concept of Global Account, Sub-accounts, space and Org in SAP Cloud Platform.
  7. How we can partially deploy DB in SAP Cloud Platform?


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