Difference between Enhancement point and Enhancement spot

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Every year SAP provides a new update to its platform. All the SAP standard programs are designed in such a way that it meets almost all the requirements of a user of a particular sector. But sometimes, there comes a requirement that user wants something else that SAP program is providing. In this case, the simplest way is to modify the source code to meet the requirement. But the disadvantage in doing so is that the modification is erased as soon there is an update. To fix this issue, SAP introduced something called Enhancement framework. These enhancements are added in form of small hooks also known as Enhancement points. In this article we will discuss the difference between Enhancement point and Enhancement spot.

Enhancement Point

Enhancement points are the position in a SAP ABAP program where enhancement are made. The enhancements, when complied with the current source code work as if it was a part of the source code.

Enhancement Spot

All the enhancements can be added as per the SAP framework guidance or directly by the developer (explicitly). These positions available to a developer is termed as Enhancement options.

When the enhancement is made based upon the developers choice, then these information are required to be stored in a container with their positions. These containers are termed as Enhancement Spot.

Difference between Enhancement point and Enhancement spot

Enhancement Point Enhancement Spot
It is mainly predefined locations in SAP ABAP. It is mainly explicit and created by developers.
It is placed with the help of ENHANCEMENT-POINT statement. It is placed with the help of SAP Enhancement Wizard in SE80.
Enhancement point basically contains codes. Enhancement Spot basically contains the positions of Enhancement Options or Enhancement points.



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