Difference between SAP Memory and ABAP Memory

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Preface – This post is part of the Differences in ABAP for Interviews series.


Before jumping to the differences between SAP memory and ABAP Memory, let’s have a short introduction.

ABAP programs utilize two types of memory: SAP memory and ABAP memory. The main difference between the two memories is their scope.

SAP Memory and ABAP Memory

ABAP memory is very limited as it can only accessible within one internal session and programs running outside the session are not able to read or write this memory. Whereas, SAP Memory is a global memory and is accessible to all the programs running under that session as well as across different main sessions. SAP memory can be used to pass data from one program to another either within a session or to another session.

In terms of usage, the main use of ABAP memory is to make data accessible to multiple programs within the same session. Whereas, SAP memory also makes data available across multiple sessions.

When dealing with SAP memory, GET/SET parameters are used to exchange data. To set these parameters for a user or a program, SET PARAMETER is used and other programs can then retrieve the parameter using the GET PARAMETER command. On the other hand, ABAP memory can be accessed by the ABAP programs within the same internal session using IMPORT and EXPORT commands. Data within this memory remains intact during a sequence of program calls.

It is important to they are used appropriately to enhance the speed and efficiency of the application as well as resource usage.

Difference between SAP Memory and ABAP Memory

Now, let’s have a look at their difference.

SAP MemoryABAP Memory
It is a Global Memory.It is a local Memory.
All SAP GUI sessions have access to it.All programs within a session can have access.
It makes data available across main sessionIt makes data available multiple session within same session.
Data can be exchanged using GET/SET.Data can be exchanged using EXPORT/IMPORT.



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