General Ledger (GL) Posting in payroll – SAP PCP0 & PC00_M99_CIPE

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General ledger payroll posting involves posting the payroll results to the appropriate General Ledger accounts and cost centers. Following a payroll run, one of the following steps is posting payroll results to Accounting. Typically, it occurs after each payroll period and after each off-cycle payroll run.

As part of GL posting, we do the following:

  • Information relevant to payroll postings is grouped.
  • Generates a summary of documents.
  • Posts information to appropriate GL accounts and cost centers.

Posting GL

It is a two steps process.

Step 1: Create a Posting Run

T-code: PC00_M99_CIPE

An accompanying posting document is created due to this step, containing a distinctive number, a run type PP, and the payroll results. It ensures payroll results are posted only once for an employee. Upon successful posting, the status is changed to Documents Created; for unsuccessful posting, the status is Incorrect Documents with an appropriate error message in the output log.


  1. Go to T-code PC00_M99_CIPE
  2. Enter the required details.

Mode of Execution

  • Test run without documents (T)
  • Simulation run with simulation documents (S)
  • Productive run (P)
Test (T) mode

As part of a test run, the system checks only whether the expenses and payables balances are zero.

Simulation (S) mode

When performing simulations alongside production runs, the system verifies that all HR and RT tables are present and if the posting information is consistent.

Productive (P) mode

On Execution. It performs the following tasks:

  • Calculates and evaluates the payroll results of selected employees.
  • Create a posting run.
  • Create a posting document.

Output log

This log displays whether the posting run for all personnel numbers was successful. The list of all employees will be shown in red (for errors) or else green. If the posting run was successful, the Document Creation field indicates error-free; for unsuccessful posting, the Document Creation will indicate Incorrect status. Note the posting run number. You can access the document overview screen by selecting the Document Overview button or double-clicking the Doc. creation line.

Figure 1: Output Log screen

Step 2: Editing Posting Run

T-code: PCP0

This step provides an overview of all the documents created during the posting process. The Document Overview can also be found in the Create Posting Run log by selecting the Document Overview button or double-clicking on the Document Creation line. It is possible to identify the reasons for unsuccessful posting runs resulting in errors (i.e., with an “Incorrect” status) by drilling down through these documents.

Posting Run Status

  • The initial status of the posting run should be Documents created.
  • If the status is No documents created, again Create a Posting Run. Once all errors have been resolved status will change to Document Created.
  • After clicking Post Documents, the status will change to Documents Posted.

Figure 2: Display posting run screen



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