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The SAP FI chart of accounts represents the list of the company’s GL accounts used to meet the daily needs and legal requirements of a company in the country in which it operates. Master charts of accounts are assigned to each company code.

Types of Chart of Accounts (COA):

Chart of accounts are classified into three categories:

  • Operating Chart of Accounts: It contains all General Ledger accounts that a business needs to operate on a daily basis.
  • Country Chart of Accounts: This document lists all General Ledger accounts that have to comply with the legal requirements of the operating country.
  • Chart of Accounts Group: The COA group contains a list of all the G/L accounts that are used throughout the organization.

How to create a new Chart of Accounts?

First Approach: T-code: OB13

1. Go to T-code OB13 or Finance Accounting -> G/L Accounts.

List of all Chart of Accounts

2. Click on New Entries and create a new Chart of Accounts.

Second Approach: T-code: SPRO

Path to create a new Chart of Accounts: SPRO → SAP Reference IMG → Financial Accounting → General Ledger Accounting → G/L accounts → master data → Preparations → Edit Chart of Account Lists → Execute → New Entries to create a new chart of accounts.


NOTE: Controlling integration is used for manual creation of cost elements or automatic creation of cost elements. Group Charts of Accounts are used to consolidate reports.

How to define a Chart of Accounts Group?

In order to manage and control a large number of G/L accounts effectively, you should use COA groups.

First Approach: T-code: OBD4

Second Approach: T-code: SPRO

Path: SPRO → SAP Reference IMG → Financial Accounting → General Ledger Accounting → G/L Accounts → Preparations → Define Account Group → Execute → New window will open → New Entries.

1. Go to Define Account Group

2. Click on New Entries

3. Provide details

4. Click on Save Configuration



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