History of the SAP business Technology Platform

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Preface – This post is part of the SAP Business Technology Platform (SAP BTP) series.


The SAP business technology platform is the integrated platform as a service. The SAP business technology platform allows users to integrate on the premises quickly. It provides the venue for the cloud-based applications that help them grow and develop. It gives the users the processors and the tools to make the development. It also provides the users with the prebuilt content that SAP manages. It helps the users to grow the business enterprise shortly with all the integrated resources they provide. They also allow users to build up the capabilities to increase connections. It helps to get much more experience for its customers, partners, and employee of the enterprise for their development and growth.

History of the SAP business technology platform

Suppose we look at the history of the SAP business technology platform. In the initial stage, the SAP business technology platform was unveiled as an SAP net-weaver cloud belonging to the SAP HANA cloud portfolio, which started on October 16, 2012. The cloud platform was again reintroduced on May 13, 2013, with the name SAP HANA cloud platform as a platform of SAP cloud products, including SAP business object Cloud. So, we can see this recent platform helps users grow and develop their businesses.

Launching Service

The SAP platforms started recognized by the name SAP Hana cloud platform in 2013, where business objects were added to the platform. At that time, there were 4000 customers involved with the platform, with 500 partners adopting SAP cloud for business purposes. After the increase and decreased growth of the platform, the platform was again renamed the SAP cloud platform at a Mobile World Congress in 2017 and officially recognized as the SAP Business Technology platform in 2021. The business platform has gained a lot of fame due to its business strategies and features that can help any type of business grow. Several services are available on the platform, divided into integration, user experience, analytics, IoT, security, mobile business services, data and storage, DevOps, and many more.


The rate of success can be calculated with the revenue generation and customers bound with the platform. The platform’s customer use success started in 2012 when SAP became capable of its 4000 customers and 500 partners worldwide. These numbers then never stop and increase with more service launching. The cloud platform has generated 34% of more revenue, where 3.06 billion euros come through Saas and Paas.


The war in Ukraine has impacted the shares and profit generation of SAP, due to which SAP has observed a 32% of downfall in operating profit and a 5.8% down in the operating margin. The absent downs are carried on, but the success rate can also be not neglected. The services and products provided by the platform are very helpful for businesses to gain a perfect strategy. The business services and solutions became a reason for the successful growth of the platform.


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