What are the features of the SAP Business Technology Platform?

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SAP introduces a business platform consisting of various technology services and products to make customers’ business easier and quicker. There are the leading market players from which we can differentiate SAP easily. BTP is a platform where various products and services are available on just one platform. It makes it easy for business owners to choose the suit or the product that can fit perfectly in the needs of their business. The products offered on this platform are divided into four major categories: database and data management, analytics, application development, and intelligent Technology. Under these categories, a variety of services and packages of services available can be chosen and applied to the organization for a better outcome. Here we will learn about SAP BTP’s features and the reason for choosing this platform over other platforms.

Features of SAP BTP

The platform is concise of four basic categories in which the wholes services and products are available and make the SAP be most readily and wisely chosen.

1. The platform includes a database and data management system that helps efficiently process data by utilizing some processes, such as data pipeline, data virtualization, metadata management, and connect management.

2. It also utilizes application development in which it provides integration suit and intelligent BPM to provide great enterprise solutions and helps in the growth of the business.

3. The platform provides analytics that helps plan and forecast the organization’s products. It also helps to maintain your data security while combining it with a third party using ML. Advanced Technology helps to predict the scenario wisely.

4. It also provides intelligent Technology that consists of the most modern and demanded Technology in the market, such as artificial intelligence, ML, robotics, IoT, and blockchain. Under days solutions are provided that can relate to real-time problems and helps you to automate the complex and repetitive decisions in the business.

Why do business owners choose SAP BTP?

The most crucial reason why do business on a store’s SAP BTP over other platforms is that it provides different categories and services of business growth from other platforms. Also, it is a technology and intelligent enterprise platform that can help business owners to achieve integration and flexibility in all the applications. It makes it easy to connect the data with the third-party system using machine learning and also protects the data from any misuse. It helps to choose innovative ideas to increase the business potential. This business platform provides all the tools that can fulfill the need of any enterprise or business holder. The customers can easily find solutions to their business problems and implement them to resolve them. It provides a monitoring data system that will help the business to recognize their clients’ feedback and support to analyze the negative or weakest points where to work and make them strong.


Many cloud platforms in the market are racing with each other to be at the top of the race, but SAP is doing something different that can help the business expand and grow in the perfect way. SAP Business Technology platform makes the work easy and flexible and also lets the customers choose the cloud and frameworks of their choice. Hence the features provided by this business platform make it more reliable and reason for being selected among other platforms in the market.


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