Why use SAP Business Technology in place of other cloud providers?

Preface – This post is part of the SAP Business Technology Platform (SAP BTP) series.


SAP business technology is the business platform that comprises the integrated four technology platforms, which are database, technology management platform, Application development, integration, analytics, and intelligent technologies. SAP business platform is the technology that helps turn users’ data into business values. Also, it composes the end-to-end business process value and allows businesses to extend SAP business applications quickly and easily. The SAP cloud platform is no sooner exiting as it retired. As we see nowadays, we can see that companies need to have access to real-time informal decisions. It helps the users to apply advanced technologies and also apply for the best practices. Looking at the SAP, we see we go across the drive integration for the solution portfolios. It also includes the scenarios like lead to cash, source to pay, design to operate and hire to retire. Let us learn why SAP BTS must be chosen over other platforms available in the market.

Pros of the SAP Business Technology

1. Long duration of the free trial

If we look into the other business platform, they hardly provide free trial services for one month or two months. But the SAP business technology offers users a free trial for one year.

2. Security

The SAP technology provides users with data management, account management, custom development, and operations security. Users can get the authorizations through the roles and the roles collection around globe accounts.

3. Extension

Let’s look at the extension capacity of the SAP business technology platform. We can see that the developers can imply loosely with the coupled extension services applications with security, thus the workload of the additional work modules on the top of the extended cloud platform through solutions.

Cons of the SAP Business Technology

1. Expensive licenses

While on the other cloud platform, the cost depends on the use cases. But in the SAP platform, the price is a little bit pricey. Users who want to increase the services and products in their accounts become expensive.

2. Poor customer service

Many users have service issues, as they mention the poor support of the platform and the poor administrative services users are facing, for which even users have complained.

3. The server closes due to a heavy load

The server issue also arises a lot of times when the users work on heavy software and there is a heavy load on the server. It closes the portal suddenly without allowing the users to save the file.

Why use SAP Business technology in place of other cloud providers?

The SAP business technology provides the users with a one-year free trial account. It allows the users to add additional services, and it will enable them to store their data on their portal and help them find their data quickly. It provides them with the security of the data and resources. The big companies use it as a better product line.


So, we can conclude that there are pros and cons of the SAP business platform, but users have to see if it is helping them or not in a good way and better for their business development. If they find it good, they should use it or leave it.


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