What are SAP Business Technology Platform Products?

Preface – This post is part of the SAP Business Technology Platform (SAP BTP) series.


SAP BT(business technology) is the online platform that provides users with the area where they can keep and analyze the data. It also provides the users with the artificial intelligence platform, application development platform, and automation and integrates them into one. It provides the users with a unified environment where they can develop their resources. It also delivers innovation that is natively supported by SAP applications. It also enriches user interaction with the help of automation and artificial intelligence. It accesses real-time users with the help of a complete view of your data and resources. They use the no-code and the first-code service to faster your work. The use of data and analysis of data has been within the proper context, meaning from the help of the SAP Application. The products of the SAP BT( business technology) are excellent and so helpful to the users that they can use them for the growth and development of their company. Let us learn about the products of the SAP business platform. Check all the SAP BTP products here.

What are the benefits of SAP BTP products?

1. Customer Data Management

It provides the customers with the storage of the data for the long term. The free trial gives the user’s storage facility. All the users can store their data on their portal as it also provides them security.

2. Affordable SaaS

The SAP BTP(Business technology platform) provides the users with a free trial account service for one year. In contrast, another platform hardly provides it for one month or two months, so if users are satisfied with their services, they can go for a pay-as-you-go service that doesn’t cost much.

3. Good Sources

The SAP business technology provides users with reliable and suitable sources to solve their problems quickly. The references in the SAP business technology are excellent and helpful for users. The users can easily find the answer to their problems.

4. The business technology platform

It provides a platform to businesses where users can develop their business applications and do automation. It gives the idea of business the extension and the analysis. It also provides the business with the integration process of development and research.

5. Human Capital Management

It provides the users with human capital management resources. It gives the employees experience in management. It also focuses on the payroll and HR calls. It tries to teach people about talent management and focuses on analytics. It helps businesses in sales production management.

Product Uses
Customer data Helps to store data of users
Affordable Cheap to buy a subscription
Good sources Provide better sources
Business technology platform Helps in Business expansions
Human capital management Used in Sale promotions



So, we can conclude that SAP BTP helps the users do their work through their resources and development and also helps them store data and provide security. It gives the users a pay-as-you-go account and helps the business extend through their technology and ideas, help them analyze data, promotes sales promotions of the users, and provides capital management of the resources.


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