What are SAP Business Technology Platform free Trial Accounts?

Preface – This post is part of the SAP Business Technology Platform (SAP BTP) series.


SAP business technology is the application that is technologically founded for all the SAP applications for users all over the globe. It also provides a platform for all intelligent enterprises. Through this platform, customers are given agility, continual innovations, and business value to the users through their integration process. The users of SAP technology are provided with the data to value option and the option of the extensibility of all the SAP users and the third-party application service and provide them with the data assets. The technology works for the business’s development and growth and gives them a platform where they can represent their businesses and help them grow and develop. The technology is a trustworthy and reliable source that users can efficiently work. Here we will learn about SAP business technology-free account and its top services.

What is an SAP business technology-free account?

It provides the trial service to the users and the pay-as-you-go service. It also provides the CPEA account service to partners, individual developers, and customers. It has one outstanding good service for the user they can operate the SAP account for free without the limit of charging for each time. These accounts help users upgrade their versions to the next level, where they can easily upgrade to the paid versions when they find it a productive source to use. The account you made under the SAP service allows users to store their data and have it there for a long time. This service will enable users to move their data to production quickly and nicely. Unlike other services, it allows the user to have the trial account for more than 1year.

Top services in the Free trial account?

1. Long duration

It allows users to access their free trial services for 365 days. In other services, they only provide the trial for one month or two months. So, here users are getting more time to satisfy themselves.

2. Explore primary function

In the trial account, the users can easily explore the essential functions of the SAP technology, which means you can easily have access to explore SAP management and other sources. If you find it productive, then users can have a premium account.

3. Storage

In the trail service, the users can easily access the four GB storage, which they can extend up to 8GB, and also it provides the ten total routes and approx. Forty services to the users.


So, we can now conclude that the services provided by the SAP technology in the free account are very reliable for the users, and they have one year to use it. It gives the users a pay-as-you-go service to the users and under which the users can easily find their resources, and if they find them productive for their work and development, they can easily use them for growth. The trial account lets the users explore the essential management services, and the other servers barely provide the data. This service also allows the users to store their data for a longer time on their technology.



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