How to Transport Standard Text in SAP

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When a standard text is created or modified using SO10, unlike any other objects it doesn’t ask for any transport number. The standard text is manually assigned the transport request to migrate it from one system to another. In this article we will explain how to Transport Standard Text in SAP.

Steps to Transport Standard Text in SAP

Steps to assign standard text to the transport request:

Step 1: Enter SA38 in the common field and execute RSTXTRAN report.


Step 2: Enter the task number of the transport request in the Name of correction field.


Step 3: Enter Text key-ID and Text key-language of the standard text which has to be assigned to the transport request.

Enter Text

Step 4: A screen with a list of texts will appear. Deselect all Objects and select the standard text which has to be assigned to the transport request. Press enter.

Deselect all Objects

Step 5: Press enter. Selected objects will be shown.

Selected objects

Step 6: Click on Trsfr. Text to corr. Button.

Click on Trsfr

Step 7:  A pop-up will appear. Click on yes.


Step 8: Once confirmed, below screen will appear showing the selected standard text has been assigned to a Transport request.

selected standard text


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