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With the introduction of new devices in the market, there was a requirement to secure them. Every device has its own internal security system, but when it comes to the security of enterprise devices and with that the important enterprise related data within those devices, there was the requirement of additional layer of security. Here comes the MDM i.e. Mobile Device Management system which was mainly designed to provide extra security level with extended functionality and support to the associates. There are many MDM tools in the market and with that the requirement of the jobs in this field is too in demand. In this article we will explore basic networking as well as basic MDM Interview questions.

Basic Networking Interview Questions

  1. What is a computer Network?
  2. What is a node in Computer Network?
  3. What is a packet in networking?
  4. Explain the following in terms of networking:
    1. Network interfaces
    2. Repeaters and hubs
    3. Bridges
    4. Switches
    5. Routers
    6. Modems
    7. Firewalls
  5. What is a network topology?
  6. Explain the following in terms of network topology:
    1. Point-to-point
    2. Bus
    3. Star
    4. Ring
    5. Mesh
    6. Hybrid
  7. What are the types of Network?
  8. Explain the given types of network in brief:
    1. PAN
    2. LAN
    3. MAN
    4. WAN
    5. VPN
  9. What is the concept of port in computer networking?
  10. Explain the port number and use of given protocols:
    1. File Transfer Protocol (FTP)
    2. Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP)
    3. HTTPS/ XenMobile/
  11. What is a public key Infrastructure?
  12. Explain OSI model and its protocols in brief.
  13. Explain SaaS.

Basic MDM Interview Questions

  1. What is Mobile Device Management and why an Enterprise need it?
  2. What are different Mobile Device Management tools/services/solutions available in the market?
  3. What are the types of mobile applications? How MDM changes in case of these Applications?
  4. What are the differences between Mobile Device Management and Enterprise Mobility Management?
  5. What is a Device Enrolment Program?
  6. Briefly explain MDM architecture.
  7. Briefly explain MDM life cycle.
  8. Briefly explain about the following:
    1. Mobile Security
    2. Attack Vector
    3. Android OS with Architecture
    4. Apple iOS with Architecture
    5. Windows Phone with Architecture
    6. Blackberry Phone with Architecture
  9. Advantages and Disadvantages of MDM. Also gave a real-life example where unavailability of MDM resulted in a huge loss for a company.
  10. Why you chose MDM field? What is the future of MDM? How MDM can be improved?


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