Microsoft Intune Interview Questions


With the introduction of Microsoft 365, Microsoft intends to cover all enterprise related operations using its various solutions. From skype to teams, Microsoft launched various tools in last decade with only one goal i.e. to achieve digital transformation at workplace. Microsoft Intune is one of the solution under the umbrella of Microsoft 365, which is a single endpoint management solution for iOS, Android, Windows and macOS devices. In this article we will discuss the interview questions related to Microsoft Intune asked mainly from the Admin, support associates and even from developers.

Cloud Technology Interview Questions

(Note: These questions are asked mainly from Developers)

  1. What is a cloud environment?
  2. Why we need Cloud Solutions?
  3. What are the categories of services provided in the Cloud?
  4. What is Web Role and Worker Role?
  5. What are Resource Groups?
  6. What is a Virtual Machine?
  7. What is an App Service?
  8. What is a WebHook?
  9. What are Cloud computing benefits?
  10. What is Public, Private and Hybrid cloud execution as for Azure or other platforms?

Basic Microsoft Intune Interview Questions

  1. What is the difference between Cloud Based and on-Premise Mobility Solution?
  2. Explain the advantages and disadvantages of Cloud Based and on-Premise Mobility Solution.
  3. What is Microsoft Intune?
  4. How Microsoft Intune works?
  5. Explain end to end setup of Microsoft Intune.
  6. Explain the differences between Microsoft MDM for Office 365 and Microsoft Intune.
  7. Explain briefly the difference between Microsoft System Centre Configuration Manager and Microsoft Intune.
  8. Explain the functionalities that gets extended from on premise to cloud, in case of Mobility Services.

Intune Management operation Interview Questions

  1. How UEM (and Intune) fits into the EMM market.
  2. Explain all the given Management operation
    1. Device
    2. Mobile
    3. Email
    4. BYOD (Bring Your Own Device)
  3. What is MAM?
  4. What are the benefits of MAM app protection?
  5. What device configurations does MAM support?
  6. What are app protection policies?
  7. What are examples of app protection policies?
  8. Which apps can be managed by app protection policies?

Intune Feature Based Interview Questions

  1. What is multi-identity support?
  2. What is the purpose of multi-identity support?
  3. What is the Intune app PIN?
  4. When is the user prompted to enter their PIN?
  5. How does the Intune PIN work with built-in app PINs for Outlook and OneDrive?
  6. How does Intune encrypt data?
  7. How does Intune remotely wipe data?
  8. Why don’t On-Premises (on-prem) services work with Intune protected apps?
  9. Is there a secure way to open web links from managed apps?


Intune Practical Interview Questions

  1. Can Intune detect whether a device is jailbroken? If Yes, how to manage jailbroken devices?
  2. Can I selectively wipe corporate data from a device? If yes, how to protect your data with remote wipe, remote lock, or passcode reset using Microsoft Intune?
  3. Is there a way to block certain websites on the mobile device browser through Windows Intune? If not on native browser, then how we can control the URL whitelisting and blacklist policies on the managed web browser on iOS and Android devices.
  4. Can we restrict a user from uninstalling an app? If no, how to use Apple Configurator to prevent a user from uninstalling an app? Explain the use of Supervised Mode in Microsoft Intune.


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