SAP ABAP RAP Interview Questions


RAP in SAP ABAP RAP stands for RESTful Application Programming Model. Before we start with SAP ABAP RAP Interview Questions, let us understand what this article is all about.

Since we know SAP Fiori applications are based on the SAP ABAP programming model that provides flexibility and efficient modeling, it also lacks certain criteria like simplicity. Here RAP model is the one that overcomes all the flaws. This model provides an intrinsic approach to building SAP Fiori-based applications that are optimized enough for S/4 HANA. These applications can run on-premise as well as on the cloud.

This RAP programming model uses the ABAP programming methodology. It uses the following:

  1. ADT: ABAP Development Tools in Eclipse. It is used to develop tasks.
  2. CDS: Core Data Services in Eclipse. It is used for the implementation of the business object layer.
  3. New Framework: It is used to handle business logic.

This article will discuss all types of interview questions asked by interviewers in their selection process. Before starting with the interview questions, go through the SAP ABAP RAP course here.

Basic SAP ABAP RAP Interview Questions

  1. What is SAP ABAP RAP?
  2. What is the use of SAP ABAP RAP?
  3. Explain Modernization with RAP?
  4. Name the platforms where RAP is available?
  5. Name the end-to-end scenarios that can be developed with RAP?
  6. What type of services can be developed using RAP?
  7. How RAP model is better than previous programming models?
  8. What is BOPF?
  9. Is BOPF a part of RAP?
  10. How to get started with RAP?
  11. Is it possible to use RAP in standard SAP software?
  12. What information is available on the RAP roadmap?
  13. Where can users find the latest features for RAP?
  14. What is the process of developing an SAP Fiori application using RAP?
  15. How do we maintain the UI semantics while building SAP Fiori elements applications using RAP?
  16. Tell the procedure of testing the code?
  17. Name the software used for providing the documentation for code elements in the ABAP source code?
  18. How do we troubleshoot the SAP ABAP RAP applications?
  19. How to build a PoC app with RAP?
  20. Have you experienced any project on Github related to SAP ABAP RAP?
  21. What does ‘REST’ stand for? Explain?
  22. Name the three main layers of ABAP RESTful Application?
  23. Define ‘Stateless.’
  24. Name the CDS View types that are commonly used?
  25. Explain the Business Object in ABAP RESTful Programming Model?

Advance level SAP ABAP RAP Interview Questions

  1. Explain SAP RAP Architecture.
  2. Differentiate between SAP ABAP and SAP RAP.
  3. Differentiate between SAP BOPF and SAP RAP.
  4. Differentiate between ABAP on Cloud and SAP RAP.
  5. Differentiate between SAP CAP and SAP ABAP RAP.
  6. Define the concepts of Business Objects.
  7. Define the concept of RAP runtime.
  8. Differentiate between Managed RAP and Unmanaged RAP.
  9. How to use SAP Entity Manipulation Language (EML) to control the behavior of business objects in SAP ABAP RAP?
  10. How to develop an OData using SAP ABAP RAP?


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