SAP ABAP RAP Job Description (JD) Sample


The ABAP RAP RESTful Application Programming Model defines the architectural style for productive end-to-end growth of SAP HANA-optimized OData services. It enables the creation of all forms of Fiori applications along with the publication of Web APIs. It is built on platforms and frameworks like Core Data Services (CDS) for defining semantic information-rich data designs, a service model power grid for generating OData services with OData protocol extensions, and ABAP-based services and applications for custom logic SAPUI5-based user interfaces.

Job Description and Requirements

  • OData provisioning test cases on various platforms must be defined, documented, and implemented.
  • Describe how automated testing should be carried out.
  • The aspirant has to do the automated test.
  • Layout, create and enable applications to satisfy the requirements of business processes.
  • Make preparations for technical design details in a documented manner for the implementation of requirements.
  • Organize, perform, and document the results of each unit testing.
  • As the initial contact, lead the project aims to design, create, and set up applications.
  • Fix event inquiry and problem resolution paperwork.
  • The candidate has to work on issues requests made by clients and has to ensure assistance needs to meet the Service Level Agreement whenever required.
  • To maintain pace with technology and business necessities, imply improvement opportunities and augmentations to existing systems and interfaces.
  • SAP’s emerging paradigm and applying technologies for both on-premise and cloud offerings must be thoroughly understood.
  • RDBMS knowledge is extensive.
  • RDBMS knowledge is extensive.
  • Expertise with SAP HANA on-premise, SAP HANA as a Service, or SAP HANA Cloud is required.
  • Detailed knowledge of SAP BTP components, facilities, and integration, as well as the ability to suggest solution architecture for continuously develop.
  • Customer-focused personality with strong technical negotiation abilities.
  • Expertise working on large projects in a multicultural environment.
  • Strong growth skills in HANA SQL, HANA AMDP, and Node JS.
  • Outstanding communication abilities.

Education and Experience

The aspirants must hold a bachelor’s degree in computer science (CS), information technology (IT), or a similar field. He must have at least 5-6 years of hands-on SAP ABAP experience is required. The candidate must have hands-on experience with SAP FIORI and know the required procedure of enhancement and development. He must have experience with ABAP RESTful, IDOC, Web Service, and OData. Must know about SAP Workflow and Standard Reporting is preferred. He must be capable of working individually and efficiently, also capable of managing deadlines and user expectations and delivering high-quality deliverables. He must know how to do documentation, presentations, and research.

Work hours and benefits

The work hours include the routine shift, including 6-8 hours of service. The candidate must be capable of working flexible hours per the project’s needs. Health accommodations will be provided, and some bonus accommodations will be provided, which will be accessible through projects.


The candidate has to take necessary actions with the hiring procedures. Start Preparing a resume or CV, adding the required skills and experience, and dropping the same to the company’s official web page or email. Further hiring procedures must be followed for successful results.



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