SAP ABAP SmartForms Interview Questions


SAP and SAP technology provides enormous opportunity in IT industry. With increasing operations and market, the need of SAP technical consultants has observed sharp increase in job opportunities. The main job profile for SAP technical consultants is primarily based on ABAP (core ABAP and OOPs ABAP). In this article we will discuss the SAP ABAP SmartForms Interview questions asked by interviewers from both technical as well as functional consultants of different years of experiences.

Basic ABAP SmartForms Interview Questions

  1. What is a SAP SmartForm?
  2. What are the differences between SAP SmartForm and SAP Scripts?
  3. What are the differences between SAP SmartForm and SAP Adobe Forms?
  4. How to choose a default printer in a SAP SmartForm?
  5. Where do we provide input parameters in a SAP SmartForm?
  6. How to insert symbols in a SAP SmartForm?
  7. Where can we define global types in a SAP SmartForm?
  8. How to define a page protect in a SAP SmartForm?
  9. How to convert a SAP SmartForm output into a PDF output?
  10. How can we see a SAP SmartForm print preview output as a list output?
  11. What is the basic difference between a table and a template in a SAP SmartForm?
  12. What is the transaction code (tcode) of a SAP SmartForm?
  13. What are the advantages and disadvantages of a SAP SmartForm?
  14. How can we build a web form (XML format) using a SAP SmartForm?
  15. How to migrate a SAP Script to a SAP SmartForm?
  16. How to get the Function Module name for a SAP SmartForm?
  17. How many windows can we have in a SAP SmartForm?
  18. What are the types of windows available in a SAP SmartForm? Explain all.

SmartForms Development Questions

  1. How one can debug a SAP SmartForm?
  2. How to get a functional module name for a SAP SmartForm and what is the use of FM SSF_FUNCTION_MODULE_NAME?
  3. How to add Bar Code in a SAP SmartForm?
  4. How to add a Watermark and a background Image in a SAP SmartForm?
  5. How can we print at both side of a paper using a SAP SmartForm?
  6. How to add background colour to a table in a SAP SmartForm?
  7. How to show print preview by default without opening a popup?
  8. How to display total number of pages in a SAP SmartForm?
  9. How can we print continuous text in a SAP SmartForm?

Other Important SmartForms Interview Questions

  1. How do we transport standard text created for a SAP SmartForm?
  2. How to find a driver program associated with a SAP SmartForm/Scripts/Adobe Form?
  3. How to configure a SAP SmartForm using transaction NACE and why we need to configure it?
  4. Do we need to import a global variable too before using it within program lines in a SAP SmartForm?
  5. What are the various text formatting available in a SAP SmartForm?


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