SAP Ariba Installation

Preface – This post is part of the SAP Ariba series.


In SAP Ariba there are some activities involved while installation. Below are the activities listed:

  • SAP Ariba Notes Installation
  • SAP Ariba Adapter Installation
  • SAP Ariba BASIS customization
  • SAP Ariba functional configuration setting
  • SAP Ariba technical web services configuration
  • SAP Ariba adapter customization (depending upon business needs)


SAP Ariba Notes Installation

Following are the list of SAP NOTES that are required to be deployed on SAP ERP system:

  • 1884125: Technical adjustments for Ariba integration
  • 1832628: BAPI for service PO Entry Sheet and Contract: esll-extrow
  • 2053181: Exit to create output message during deletion of Service Entry Sheets (Ariba Integration)
  • 1878009: Ariba integration in the logistics invoice verification
  • 1968355: Ariba integration part II: Parking invoices from Ariba
  • 2053181: Exit to create output message during deletion of Service Entry Sheets (Ariba Integration)
  • 1535132: Independent saving of application log
  • 1834548: Retrofit of ME_PO_CONFIRM – technical documentation
  • 1908480: ME 808 when deleting and adding confirmations
  • 1885572: ME_PO_CONFIRM proposes wrong confirmation type
  • 1669829: Unable to generate LP with X.509 client cert. w/o WSDL
  • 1954584: FI_DOCUMENT_CHANGE: Unable to change WSKTO for vendors
  • 1964766: Exit for creating payment advice notes for SAP applications
  • 1967254: Exit to create payment advice notes (Ariba Integration)
  • 1984803: Adjustment of check-logic in function module SAPPO/API_CHECK_METHOD_MODULE
  • 1987211: Error when jumping to the application log
  • 1918732: Ariba Network Integration for SAP ERP: Mapping Documentation

SAP Ariba Adapter Installation

Steps to install SAP Ariba Adapter:

  1. Log in to using valid credentials (user ID and password)
  2. User needs to have a DSC (Designated Support Contact) ID. New users can register from
  3. Search for SAP Network Adapter for SAP NetWeaver
  4. Import required AN adapter files which are available in *.tpz format into SAP Enterprise Service Repository.

Following is the list of AN adapter files:

  • tpz
  • tpz
  • Adapter.tpz
  • Basis.tpz
  • tpz
  • xml
  • tpz
  1. Import Ariba Network product and component definitions into System Landscape Directory. These are available in *.zip format.

Consider the below list of files:


To fix any issue related to importing below transactions can be used:

  • SLG1 – Display Logs transaction code
  • SXI_MONITOR – Message Monitor transaction code
  • SBGRFCMON – bgRFC Monitor transaction code

There are some cXml message types which are used to enable the above mentioned processes. Below is the list of message types used:

  • ConfirmationRequest (inbound)
  • OrderRequest (outbound)
  • InvoiceDetailRequest (outbound)
  • PaymentProposalRequest (inbound)
  • PaymentProposalRequest (outbound)
  • InvoiceDetailRequest (inbound)
  • PaymentRemittanceRequest (outbound)
  • PaymentRemittanceStatusUpdateRequest (outbound)
  • ShipNoticeRequest (inbpund)
  • ServiceEntryRequest (inbound)
  • ReceiptRequest (outbound)
  • StatusUpdateRequest (outbound)


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