How to Deploy BSP Application on the Fiori Launchpad

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In this article we will discuss how to deploy BSP Application on the Fiori Launchpad. If you are looking to deploy your UI5 Application directly on the Fiori Launchpad to the Neo Environment, then click here and if to the Cloud Foundry Environment, then click here.

A BSP Application stands for Business Server Page Application is a Web Application created using UI5/Fiori and executed in a web browser. It is an on premise UI5 Application. In this article we will not focus upon the creation and processing of BSP Application rather focus on its deployment over the Launchpad.


Following are the prerequisite of the BSP App Deployment:

  • You need to have a UI5 Application already in place and ready for deployment
  • The UI5 App should have a unique App id maintained in manifest.json
    How to Deploy BSP Application on the Fiori Launchpad
  • The WebIDE should be connected to the respective SAPUI5 ABAP Repository System
    How to Deploy BSP Application on the Fiori Launchpad
  • The UI5 App should be error free and no duplicate ID’s should be used throughout the App
  • You should have a package and transport requests (both workbench and customizing request) in place

Steps to Deploy BSP Application on the Fiori Launchpad

1.      Upload the SAP UI5 Application as a BSP Application to the Gateway Server

2.      Create a Launchpad Role in LPD_CUST Transaction

3.      Create a Semantic Object in /UI2/SEMOBJ Transaction

4.      Create a Catalog, Target Mapping and Static Tile

5.      Create a Group and Add the Catalog

6.      Create a PFCG Role for the Catalog and Group

7.      Test your App on Fiori Launchpad


Errors Faced During Deployment

While deploying a UI5 Application as a BSP application, you might face given errors:

  • You don’t have the needed Authorizations to deploy
  • Authorization error when connecting to Gateway from WebIDE
  • You get an error when your system is selected in the first step of the wizard
  • WebIDE deploy error ,Not able to access Gateway system from WEB IDE
  • CSRF token validation failed while deploying extended fiori application to ABAP Repository
  • Cannot select the system. Check the configuration for ABAP Development Tools
  • Error Connecting to ABAP Repository from webIDE.
  • CSRF token validation failed” error when trying to reach /sap/bc/adt/cts/transportchecks service
  • Cannot deploy application XYZ: Remote creation in customer namespace not possible
  • Cannot deploy application XYZ: SAP object YYY cannot be assigned to package ZZZ
  • No development license for user XYZ
  • Object X is already locked in request Y of user Z
  • Cannot deploy the application. Virus scan server error. No virus scan profile is selected as the default
  • Cannot deploy the application: Request XYZ is not a local request
  • Cannot deploy application <app name>: HTTP Status 504 – An internal application error occurred
  • Cannot deploy application <app name>: Resource XYZ does already exist
  • File <namespace/<app name>/index.html NOT found!

If you face any of the error mentioned above, follow the given steps to trace the error root cause:

  1. Run ST22 transaction to check any dump raised in backend
  2. Run /IWFND/ERROR_LOG transaction to check Gateway error log
  3. Run your Inspect Element in browser (Ctrl + Shift + I) and read the error and the solution mentioned there
  4. Check the error resolution mentioned here
  5. Check SAP Notes for your error here


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