SAP Ariba Mapping Workbooks

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SAP Ariba Mapping Workbooks are the sample files provided by Ariba that is used for the inbound and outbound transactions of data between SAP Ariba Procurement Solutions and SAP ERP. In the outbound transaction of data, data is transformed from Xml file format to cXml format and then imported to Ariba Procurement Solution. Similarly, for inbound data transactions, data is transformed from cXml to Xml file format and then pushed to the SAP ERP system.

As mapping workbooks are just the sample files, it can be customized based on business needs. The organization can customize the mapping of fields between Xml and cXml depending upon the organization‘s requirements. The mapping workbooks contain information about the manner in which fields are mapped between Xml and cXml files. You can download the workbook from

How to download the SAP Ariba Mapping Workbooks

Below are the steps to download the mapping workbooks:

  1. Log in to by providing valid credentials (user ID and password). In case you do not have a user ID and password contact your Ariba Account executive.
  2. On the Home tab, in Product Summary page click on Ariba Cloud Integration. On click, it will open the Ariba Cloud Integration page.
  3. In the Ariba Cloud Integration page under the Integration Toolkit section, click Integration Tools for Ariba Procure-to-Pay. This will open Integration Tools for Ariba Procure-to-Pay page.
  4. Under this navigate to Integration Tools for SAP, go to Tool and click on Mapping Workbooks.

This will open the Mapping Workbooks for Ariba Procurement Solutions Integrated with SAP for Cloud Integration X.0 page.

  1. Click on download and provide the download location to download the mapping file in your system. The mapping workbooks for all the transactions will be downloaded in ZIP format.
  2. Extract the downloaded file and customized the mappings are per the business needs.


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