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Preface – This post is part of the SAP Ariba series.


For integrating SAP Ariba Procurement Solution to SAP ERP you must download and import SAP ERP transports to your Procurement Solution. The installation process is the same for first-time installation as well as for the upgrades. You must specify a target client when adding the transports to the import queue. Defining the target client is needed as the transports contain both clients dependent as well as client independent configurations. To specify the target client you should use T-code STMS (SAP Transport Management System).

The sequences to install the transport are provided in Readme.txt file present in the ZIP file downloaded from For real-time integration of SAP ERP to SAP Ariba Procurement Solution, you need to configure SAP ERP after the import of transport is completed.

SAP Ariba – SAP ERP Transports: Transport Management System Configuration

Steps to configure TMS:

1.      Domain Controller setup

  1. Open Sap Logon and log in to the system which is decided to be Domain Controller
  2. In client 000, go to transaction STMS
  3. The system will ask you to create the transport domain if the Domain Controller is not configured. Select the create proposal and save
  4. If the domain controller is already present, you will be logged onto the domain controller.

2.      Adding SAP system to Transport Domain

  1. Log on to the SAP system that is to be added as the domain.
  2. In client 000, go to transaction STMS
  3. TMS will check the configuration file cfg and propose to join the domain if Domain Controller is already present and the system is not added.
  4. System status will be waiting as it still needs the approval to be included in the transport domain
  5. To approve, logon to Domain Controller system. In client 000, go to transaction STMS and navigate to Overview and then click Systems.
  6. New systems are visible. Go to SAP System and Approve.


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