SAP Ariba Logging and Auditing

by | May 18, 2020 | SAP Ariba

Preface – This post is part of the SAP Ariba series.


In SAP Ariba the log files for Ariba Buyers are located in BuyerServerRoot/logs and some log files include logical node name. For example – metrics-Nodel.csv. To view and download the log files, administrators can access the Log Files task in Ariba Administrator. In this article we will explore the aspects of SAP Ariba Logging and Auditing.

SAP Ariba Logging and Auditing: Log files in Log Directories

Below is the list of log files in log directories:

File NameDescription
BuyerNode1Log.txtMain log file for Ariba Buyer
LogDBLog.txtContains messages generated during the data loading process
AribaBuyerbuyerserver1InspectorAuditLog.txtLogs messages generated by Inspector activity
AibaMetaConfigurationLog.txtLogs messages associated with metadata XML files
AribaOrderTransmitterLog.txtLogs order transmission messages


Contains Ariba Buyer performance data
configuration.txtContains messages generated during configurations
configureasmsharedlog.txtContains messages generated by Ariba Spend Management integration program
dbinit.txtContains messages generated during the database initialization process when initdb is run with emptychannel option
EmptyDBLog.txtLogs messages associated with the emptydb phase of initdb messages generated during channel initialization process
installlog.txtLogs messages generated during the installation
j2eeSetupLog.txtRecords the running of j2eeSetup script. The script is invoked by configure command when initdb is run with loadchannel option
LoadMetaLog.txtLogs messages associated with LoadMeta phase of initdb


Contains messages associated with the installing and starting window services


SAP Ariba Logging and Auditing: Categories and Logging Levels

In Ariba Procurement Solution, each log message in the main log file (BuyerNode1Log.txt) has an associated category and levels.

Categories: the group of related log messages belongs to the same category. For example, the log messages related to approvable transactions are the part of approvable log message category.

Logging Levels: Logging levels are classified at the category class. Basically it indicates the importance of a log message.

SAP Ariba Logging and Auditing: Logging Levels for Default Configuration

Below are the logging levels for default configuration:

  • Error – This is the indication of a fatal error in the system.
  • Warning – This serves as the cautionary advice to avoid potential problems.
  • Info – This provides the essential information that might be necessary for diagnosing problems in case of errors.
  • Debug – these are intended for use during the implementation phase and debugging phase.



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