SAP Ariba Solution Areas

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SAP Ariba digitally transforms the business to collaborate with the suppliers to enhance the business areas and strengthened their relationship on the Ariba platform by providing various solutions. In this article we will explore all the SAP Ariba Solution Areas.

SAP Ariba solution areas are supplier management, strategic sourcing, direct spend, procurement, and financial supply chain.

Supplier management

Managing the end-to-end relationships with suppliers, including the supplier information, lifecycle, spends and risk, SAP Ariba Supplier Management makes the procurement process smooth all in a single platform.

Supplier management includes:

  • Supplier Risk Management: By this feature you can reduce the degree of risk by helping the buyers to make apt decisions before purchase. This can be achieved by making risk assessment and due diligence an integral part of the procurement process.
  • Supplier Lifecycle Management: SAP Ariba Supplier Lifecycle Management manages the suppliers from initial to out phase. This enables the suppliers to update and maintain their information to provide an accurate record to buyers.

Strategic Sourcing

With the help of Strategic Sourcing Procurement Solution, managing the sourcing, contracting, and spend analysis process for all three materials (direct, indirect and punchout materials) as well as services is quite manageable.

Direct spend

Direct spend solution can integrate easily with SAP ERP, PLM and SAP Integrated Business Planning System. It helps to connect to people, partners and information for the business. Digitalizing the entire supply chain process and digital procurement solutions that support direct spend.


Achieving the high rate of market value by managing the risk and controlling the costs, the procurement solution of SAP Ariba provides visibility to the broadcast set of capabilities on the market.

  • Procure-to-pay: It provides a fast buying experience while controlling the spending and navigating the savings to bottom line.
  • Guided buying: It brings the buyers and suppliers together for business transaction of goods.
  • Spot buy: For the procurement of non-sourced good use SAP Ariba Spot Buy.

Financial supply chain

The key to a strong successful financial supply chain solution is to make payables strategic. Digitalizing the payables and invoices reduce the extra cost of manual activity for the financial process.


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